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Cosmetic freezer (6L)
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Gift brand: IGIFTS gift number: BCR-6 market value: 698 yuan rise order a quantity: 100(PCS) category: Live in & life »»The introduction of car refrigerator gift: One, 1, characteristic: Of the active material in lengthening high-grade cosmetic keep current, reduce cosmetic to use 2 pollution in the process; It is high-grade cosmetic, OK also to can store refrigeration drink, store medicines and chemical reagents, precious film, rare cigarette; Use technology of advanced semiconductor refrigeration, do not use compressor free from contamination, use vogue healthy. 2, cubage: 6L BST-BCR-6 outputs power (W) DC: 12 suttle (Kg) dimension of exterior of refrigeration of mode of DC12V/AC230V of 2.5 output voltage (long / wide / tall) × H330MM 3 of W330MM × D260MM, why to want to last? ... a lot of active are contained in hairdressing cosmetic biology is enzymatic and microelement, the change of environmental temperature causes the metamorphism of these elements easily! Additional, because get air, sunshine, and all round the influence of article, easy oily moisture leaves hairdressing cosmetic, be polluted, the bacterium breeds in great quantities. These elements, the use result that affected hairdressing cosmetic and protect with deadline. Science and technology considers to make clear, hairdressing cosmetic is only in environment of 10-13 ℃ left and right sides, ability gets lasting the effect, caress your appearance truly. Of cosmetic more or less be not the excuse that the thing clears away, high-grade article is due its fixation management, attentive chamberlain can be done decide all these. The management with attentive cosmetic is not fundamental, important is to know the cosmetic that how caresses you. Always protect fresh. > device of renovate of renovate function exquisite, add amortize type to flip through design. Lightsome freely, whole journey lasts stop eye ground. > electronic face plate uses LED number to show a setting, beautiful and easy, thermoregulation be clear at a glance. > automatic lukewarm accuse temperature of the bravery inside the design with self-adjusting, not because of renovate, open influence lasts the groove of box interior temperature, cosmetic delicacy is spent save do not have care so far. 2, MODEL: BCR-6 CAPACITY: Appr.6 Litres VOLTAGE RATING: DC 12V DC 12V/AC 100V DC 12V/AC 230V COOLING CAPACITY: INSULATION of ℃ of ℃ of KEEP YOUR COSMETICS ALWAYS AROUND 12: SOLID POLYURETHANE FOAM WITH CFC AND HCFC FREE WEIGHT: N.W. : 2.5KGS G.W. : 3.7KGS PACKAGING UNIT: H330mm) 999 PCS PER 20'CONTAINER(QUANTITY WITHOUT EXPORT CARTON of × of D260mm × of × of × of EACH IN COLOUR BOX(W330mm. ) 2168 PCS PER 40'CONTAINER(QUANTITY WITHOUT EXPORT CARTON. ) CERTIFICATION: CE.GS.E-MARK.TUV=================================Good manners much Www.hotgift.cn is sale of development of design of gift of a collect, gift, production the professional gift company at an organic whole, administrative group comes from Shenzhen and Tianjin, have domain of more than 10 years of gift to be experienced successfully, the path of course of study of ceremony of deep know well. Good manners much Www.hotgift.cn has household & to live; Healthy & hairdressing; Athletic & is recreational; Novel & exceeds cruel; Fashionable & science and technology; Office of business affairs & adds up to gift of 6 old series, satisfy high-end client requirement! The company all sets acting shop in Dongguan and Shenzhen, have special processing to OEM/ODM order, if fly a model, note state of model, PCB, IC to decide, SMT, product is assembled, character examines, content shedding. The company will be entered in all hand in hand with you wholeheartedly with good cooperative mood, achieve happiness in all tomorrow! Saying of much ad of Www.hotgift.cn good manners: The gift is great, not as much as good manners! Why to choose good manners much? One, good in Www.hotgift.cn manners is much, all gift all come from a manufacturer, leave out all link among, purchase a quantity bulkily to make we always can get the better price that offer money additionally. 2, good in Www.hotgift.cn manners is much, we can bring the nice gift of real value for you choicely, innovation develops the gift that suits you most.
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