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Merchandise on hand sells Chengdu of Sichuan of tonometer of ohmic dragon electr
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Merchandise on hand sells the Chengdu of Sichuan of product of healthy health care such as tonometer of ohmic dragon electron continuously, but free deliver goods comes enterprise of ministry of ohmic Long Xi develops a department (Sichuan Chengdu is sold continuously buy send a center) , merchandise on hand sells countrywide ohm continuously thermometer of appearance of blood sugar of pedometer of dragon electron tonometer, electron, electron, electron, low frequency is treated implement, the body is adipose measure plan, the health care of healthy intelligence housekeeping money such as Acousticon product, the city zone is free deliver goods comes, after the area that opens to send express urgently curtilage can receive money, pay, countrywide each district all can unite the major that decide a dot to guarantee, hypostatic shop shop is in road of red star of the Chengdu City 2 paragraphs add 9 126 numbers (province broadcast broadcasting station is facing ave business to spread to flame star restaurant) , , also can buy through cleaning out treasure to pay treasure. . Service hot line: 028-86919668 client ministry (Liu manager) : 028-81611379, online QQ:644018807. Industrial and commercial and lawful register, merchandise on hand is sold continuously, credit consummate, deliver goods comes, the price assures after reasonable, carry out. Sell as far as to Hefei of Nanning of Changsha of Wuhan of Yinchuan of Xining of Lanzhou of Xi'an of Kunming of Chongqing, Guizhou Guiyang, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu Province, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Anhui, Jiangxi south. Introduce foreign advanced concept, satisfactory settlement the credit in other electron business affairs and disbursement difficult problem, be western of crowd of elite of city of first specialized service sell continuously buy freely send a center. Industrial and commercial bureau registers Chengdu date 5101052031041, duty Wu registers card 51010575878740-9 name. Land special website Www.xbomron.com or Www.cd86919668.com or Www.nxwp.com or Www.xbqdq.com please, dial sale special railway line to seek advice, the Chengdu City of Sichuan of firm business address gold-rimmed street 45 5-2-6 date. Act on " for tellurian everybody can enjoy healthy, comfortable life " tenet, ohmic dragon was rolled out measure accurately (Check) , stimulative health (Control) , nurse cure (Cure) , experience comfortable (the 4C series of Comfortable) is outstanding product of medical treatment of family expenses health. Thermometer of appearance of blood sugar of pedometer of tonometer of electron of dragon of Mu of ohmic Long Ou, electron, electron, electron, low frequency is treated implement, the body is adipose measure plan, Acousticon with " daily perception is healthy " the health that catchword submits to to you pay close attention to and caress you, mix happiness set his mind at to give more families. Healthy life is right for complete mankind, it is lasting and changeless desire. For the health of complete mankind, medical treatment career is in ohmic Long Jiankang the whole world is flourishing development. In electronic tonometer domain, ohmic dragon already broke through 6 1000 1 million 5 sale outstanding achievement in the whole world, make world-renowned healthy product brand. Ohmic dragon company is world-renowned high-tech company, since beginning technical communication 1979, already cooperated with China all previous classics 26 age. It is at present in the Chinese's life, health is more those who accompany a society is acuteness the attention that changes to cause people more and more. Ohmic dragon (China) limited company (career of healthy medical treatment) held water 1994, the nuclear core that it is career of medical treatment of health of Chinese ohmic dragon is divided. Career of healthy medical treatment of ohmic dragon China acts on the viewpoint from the Chinese to set out to develop new product ceaselessly, cherish the eager wish that makes contribution for healthy life of the Chinese, grow enterprise of healthy medical treatment ceaselessly. Use the network that spreads all over the whole nation, undertake investigating developing; Own the massive plant with world not much amount to, with significant unifinication production, provide an operation for Chinese market simple high grade product and ceaseless effort. In the meantime, content shedding, sale is assisted and the link such as after service cooperates to provide healthy support for consumer each other. Ohmic dragon thinks, healthy life should be created actively, accordingly, depend on " pass feeling and control technology " and " health management system " be in " precaution " , " cure " , " promotional health " and " experience comfortable " medical apparatus and instruments creates a field in, ceaseless innovation, with [Check is measured accurately] , [Control promotes health] , [Cure nurses cure] , [Comfortable is experienced comfortable] 4C product, make contribution for the health of Chinese consumer. Only integrated manufacturer ability accomplishs career of professional healthy medical treatment. The product development with ohmic peculiar dragon and service are born from here.
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