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Business of short for Zhejiang Province is going before load. Face grim economic situation, what does the enterprise have to answer strategy?

A few days ago, of domestic B2B domain two appear on the market greatly company tycoon: Alibaba and net contain business treasure, give the strategic trend of below one phase fully in succession.

Those who be worth ponder is, enterprise of surveyor's pole of business affairs of this two big electrons was in Hangzhou to make the strategy of polarity at the same time almost: Ma Yun gave out a problem to be to employee " the mission in the winter " internal postal matter, appeal " prepare hibernate " ; And Sun Deliang is to be in however enlarge an army of 12 towns of domestic, prepare " autumn harvest " .

Ma Yun carries hibernate to talk again

In this burning hot summer, more people are to wanting how to be away for the summer holidays, ke Mayun is cast again however gave hibernate to talk.

A few days ago, a post that Ma Yun gives Alibaba group interior causes a mighty uproar in Internet bound. In mail, ma Yun thinks in the near future economy enters exceedingly difficult period likely. "My view is, whole economic situation nots allow hopeful, next can imagine longlier than everybody in the winter! Colder! More complex! We prepare hibernate! We prepare hibernate!!

This is not Ma Yun is carried for the first time " hibernate is talked " , but it is first time however " hibernate " preparatory job carries program. Alibaba appeared on the market in Hong Kong last year when, ma Yun expresses, a when Alibaba appears on the market main reasons, it is for financing to " hibernate " prepare.

Nowadays, the day that is apart from Alibaba to go to harbor to appear on the market is less than a year, its share price drops to the 10 Hongkong dollar nowadays to be less than from top 40 much Hongkong dollar. Ma Yun has anticipation early to all these it seems that: "After actually our stock appears on the market, be fried release price nearly 3 times when, in the applause that acclaims in, the black clouds of backside and thunder are closer and closer already. Because any coming that get swift and violent passion and fever heat, the rate that withdraws also is met likewise breathtaking! The rate that withdraws also is met likewise breathtaking!!

The Ma Yun nowadays, hope the person forgets Alibaba the wave motion of share price, prepare the challenge that meets hibernate.
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