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Explore Olympic Games food installs all inspection to measure a center: Does li
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Report inscribed Beijing of China News Service on July 11: High-tech is all-around provision of tutelar Olympic Games is safe -- explore safety of food of Beijing Olympic Games detects center

Du Yan of reporter of China News Service

"Need just can complete Sudan red sample book 40 minutes before qualitative ration detects, introduced high-tech device now, need 5 minutes to be able to be finished only. " Lu Yong of director of center of monitoring of Beijing food safety says proudly all over the face.

11 days, reporter of media of more than 90 China and foreign countries will be in charge of risk of safety of Olympic Games food evaluating, provision of early-warning, superintendency Beijing Olympic Games is safe monitoring center.

White building, capacious and bright. Take 4 floors, diffusing herbal medicines in a prescription. Lu Yong says, ensure namely here food of Beijing Olympic Games from " arrive from farm mensal " all the way safe core region.

Reporter place sees, monitoring center sets color atlas analysis, spectral analysis, manage to change analysis and microbial analysis lab, have detect the ability that remain of remain of the pesticide in analysing the food such as beer, chocolate, flour, animal drug remain, additive agent for food, heavy metal remain, average put in order turns the project such as safety of index, biology.

The analysis is indoor, the staff member wears a person force dolly, make a series of chemical processing, melting chocolate turns the liquid state material in test tube. The staff member expresses, this is the food to wanting to detect undertakes early days is handled, so that set sample the apparatus,occupy an analysis into linage.

Red admonitory signal " biology harm, accredit personnel Fang Kejin is entered " on the door that is stuck in biology safety lab. The staff member expresses, detect microbially need aseptic manipulation, need appropriate temperature and atmospheric pressure, because this wants lock oneself in.

The staff member says, the summer is worth when the Olympic Games is surpassed, it is to feed source sex disease to have tall hair period, immune power is low the crowd is like bromatoxism, the symptom waits with respect to occurrence vomiting, diarrhoea inside a few hours, this lab will go out the most quickly in the check inside 3 hours is why to be planted after all bacteria do mischief.
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