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Cost rises make order of German manufacturing industry drops to be become much
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Association of manufacturing industry of German machinery equipment (VDMA)2 day expresses, mechanical equipment made this state May the sheet of new revise and enlarge of the industry dropped compared to the same period by annual rate computation 12% .

This association says, the order that came from home and abroad May all dropped 12% . But 1 to the total order of this industry still was compared in May the corresponding period rose last year 6% .

Waterman points out association expert, of euro appreciate considerably and of steely price rise to developed to had produced certain effect to this industry, the sheet of new revise and enlarge of mechanical manufacturing industry and profit margin all appeared to drop impetus.

Nevertheless, association of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry still predicts the total production value of this industry will grow 5% this year, achieve 190 billion euro, maintain growth 5 years continuously.

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