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Market of Chinese network sale will be broken through 2008 13 billion
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Data shows, suffer the effect of Beijing Olympic Games, predict dimensions of market of Chinese network sale will be broken through 2008 13 billion; To 2010, dimensions of market of Chinese network sale predicts to will achieve 23 billion yuan. The front of network sale market of our country is facing unprecedented opportunity. All enterprises hope in vigorous effort chance of Olympic Games of have the aid of realizes an enterprise to fly.

Be in our country, amount of medium and small businesses is huge. To them, how to increase the sale of company product, increasing company product sale just is the problem that cares most. As the development of the network and application, network sale has made the tool with development indispensable market, have at present comparative to one part enterprise realizes and use platform of B2B electron business affairs to begin network sale, great majority achieved rich and generous earnings.

Wait in Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang especially develop area, like a raging fire of network sale market. Development of platform of business affairs of tripartite electron is rapid, among them with net of Alibaba, Hui Cong, and a few perpendicular kind of industry website, the appearance below Yi Zhanqi shows a network (net of exhibition of Www.18show.cn) , electron most famous. These platform reduce carry to make cost for medium and small businesses, increase a sale way, raised the respect such as company image to have positive effect.

Among them, the trade exhibition net below Yi Zhanqi gets the praise highly of medium and small businesses, one of main reasons are the search engine that it accepts optimizes a service. One of means with intranet wind the at present most commonly used sale search engine to popularize namely, the promotion method that is based on natural search result especially more be favorred. On one hand the industry website of oneself undertakes engine is optimized searching, when consumer searchs him to want bought goods, OK and preferential enter industry net, arise to have the flow of quality higher thereby, bring more new customers, hurried has the sale of the enterprise inside website of course of study.

On the other hand, search engine optimize the independent website that still includes to be medium and small businesses to undertake optimizing popularizing. If appearance shows a network, can help website of instrument instrument company undertake those who search engine optimize. Come so, search corresponding instrument appearance keyword, meet preferential the website that finds enterprise oneself, can promote the sale of the enterprise directly so. Engine of two kinds of searches is optimized same a purpose, increase company product sale.
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