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Unscramble: The close infra-red spectrum that rises abruptly quickly analyses a
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Close infra-red spectrum rises abruptly quickly what analyse a technology

Close infra-red the absorption inside this wave band is spectral very wide, in unlike infra-red spectrum in that way. The metrology that uses later, solved this problem, from this close infra-red and spectral technology develops quickly rise. The development of each science and technology is one returns rapid development to arrive again from circuitous saturated process, this is science and technology in developing a process curve of so called S. The development of close infra-red and spectral technology experienced such S curve a few times.

As a result of,be for the first time a few simple and easy model the work that the person place such as the occurrence of close infra-red spectrometer and Norris does, the Xiaogao that lifted an application is wet, basically apply at farming the analysis of by-product.

It is the 2nd in 80 time later period, the rapid development of computer technology, drove the development of the digitlization that analyses an instrument and chemical metrology. Can solve chart to pursue flat through chemical metrology method the problem of wide, bad component, this makes people recognized the value of close infra-red spectrum afresh, the application of all sorts of domains considers to spread out in succession.

As a result of,be the 3rd of fiber-optic technology intervene, technology of close infra-red and online analysis is able to develop.

The development of science and technology is such, every appear a new technology that can draw lessons from drives his to grow one pace ahead. Develop again to what the application of what technology can promote close infra-red technology, it is the problem that worker of every scientific research should ponder over. Come out recently a kind of new technology - MEMS, namely " miniature is machined " technology, use this technology, what the instrument can do is very small. The application of MEMS, hopeful drives close infra-red spectrum to analyse the 4th development of the technology.

"Trinitarian " close infra-red and spectral technology

Technology of contemporary close infra-red and spectral analysis included software of close infra-red spectrometer, chemical metrology and applied model 3 parts. Alleged " Trinitarian " it is this 3 person the technical requirement that organic union ability satisfies fast analysis, be short of one cannot. Close infra-red and spectral technology is indigenous to the instrument change for:
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