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Instrument appearance technology: Must come true from low to tall transition pro
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Xi Jiacheng of director of guild of Chinese instrument appearance expressed when accepting a reporter to interview recently, wait for a reason as a result of technical level difference and admittance difficulty, system of control of our country automation and spot appearance are current in already was being formed, cheap product is given priority to with native enterprise, product of high school archives is given priority to with foreign capital enterprise; Large and medium-sized project project relies on abroad, medium or small the market structure that project project chooses home.

The in a sense can say, accuse system and crucial test instrument to becoming the bottleneck of modernization of our country equipment oneself. Accordingly, develop major project automation to control system and crucial nicety to check an instrument, etc of project of contented key construction is great (whole set) the need that automation of technical equipment height and intelligence change, it is to carry out fulfil " a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating " main component, the sense is very great.

Relationship country economy is safe

Xi Jiacheng points out, the value that controls system and crucial test apparatus oneself is behaved above all in, what did not control system and crucial test apparatus is homebred change, cannot master thoroughly and develop the core technology of major equipment.

Measure one of core technologies that controlling a technology with automation is modern industry, accuse the main component that system and crucial test instrument are major equipment oneself. The industry such as the sources of energy, heavy chemical industry is the pillar industry of industrial economy, the major equipment of enterprise of large electric power, petrifaction, metallurgy is a variety of technologies and numerous equipment is compositive. Accuse system and test to equipment is monitored and control whole technological process and product quality oneself, the on the safe side that ensures major equipment moves and carry out efficient optimize, it is the nerve center of whole equipment, moving center and safe protective screen. Did not measure accordingly control device, large change, tall parameter is changed, major equipment will not run the modern industry that operating mode complications.
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