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Mapping instrument and software
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(Workstation of 1)JX-4C number Photogrammetry

This instrument is the work experience that joins manufacturing unit, a of development semi-automatic the workstation of Photogrammetry of personal computer number that change, the digital Gao Chengmo that this workstation basically uses at all sorts of scale " DEM " , the number is being shot video " DOM " , digital line delimits graph " DLG " production. This system has the distinctive 3D that has own intellectual property to input the hardware configuration such as card, output card and 18 kinds of software configuration, be practical strong, interactive function is good, have workstation of very strong Photogrammetry of number of product quality pilot.

Clump development development develops workstation of Photogrammetry of JX-4C DPS number present very mature product, in all in time of 7 years, sale already exceeded 1000.

JX-4C DPS has sexual price to compare groom high, freely, software upgrades automatically, custom-built function (offer different solution for different user) , the characteristic such as perfect after service.

(2)Imatizer 2305 video scanner

Imatizer 2305 video scanner is film of aviation of a major high accuracy video digitlization appearance, it is a country " 863 " with national mapping bureau " 95 " tackle key problem project product, ever won first prize of progress of national science and technology. This product is to be used at waiting for high accuracy of mapping domain scanning to digitlize black and white, color for digital Photogrammetry, losing boat to photograph film, its are used high-grade (professional class) a CCD sensitive parts of an apparatus, level of ash rank digitlization reachs right 4096 level (12-bit) , 12-bit scanning saves file to disk, special aftertreatment software adjusts output 8-bit is common and video, the world before this technology is eye is only. Regard Photogrammetry as advanced front equipment, the of all kinds index of Imatizer 2305 video scanner and video quality all can satisfy mapping to produce a demand, the software of scanner and major hardware all are homebred, facilitating maintenance, safeguard. Current, this product serves not only at home each mapping unit, and country of exit southeast Asia.

(3) is really three-dimensional visible hardware platform

Platform of really three-dimensional visible hardware is the output part of virtual reality system and observation part, operation of emulation design of city of amount to word, three-dimensional GIS, industry, fictitious program, fictitious human body, aerospace is fictitious training, fictitious education, fictitious museum, fictitious battlefield provide a really three-dimensional stereo visible platform. This platform by Beijing limited company of IT of 4 dimension foresight develops development, it is to have the honor to win first prize of progress of science and technology of 2001 year country " technology of key of system of digitlization mapping technology is compositive reach industrialization " the component of the project. This platform owns own intellectual property, its distinctive back casts structural design to be in industry develop a school of one's own.
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