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Implementation of testing instrument of whole set of derv of our country biology
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Last year the end of the year, major is engaged in the soughing of the wind in the pines that oil instrument produces analysing an instrument, invariability of oxidation of ST14112-2A biology derv determines appearance research and development is successful, pass the market of large half an year to detect nowadays, can announce eventually: The whole set testing instrument of the biology derv of our country is completely OK and homebred!

Be engaged in analysing the researcher of collectivity of company of the soughing of the wind in the pines of instrument research and development at petroleum products, in more than 10 years accumulate on, see biology derv high end analyses an instrument to be imported the instrument is occupational, the effort that passed 3 years check and analysis, research and development, on original basis, wait for petroleum products instrument like dot of viscosity, flash point, cold filter, ash content, density, sheet copper, distill. Be aimed at the character of biology derv, undertook be improvemented properly to primary instrument, make more apply to biology derv detect; Improving existing instrument while, more quickened ST0248-2A Carl Fei rests minim water and charcoal of ST17144-1 minim incomplete determine implement development, appear on the market at the promotion 2 years ago, the accord that got use an user reputably.

The researcher of company of the soughing of the wind in the pines goes up in the foundation that knows the market adequately, go up for many times Beijing, with Shi Ke the metric system of the courtyard reachs the support of the people that draft to be discussed jointly surely, cooperate cheek by jowl with the research organization such as place of oil plants of Wuhan university, Chinese Academy of Sciences, arrive from double-barreled 8 canals, control to multichannel dotty temperature from only way, many experimental condition is decided really, the contrast of a variety of test data. Invariability of oxidation of ST14112-2A biology derv determines appearance appears on the market at succeeding in October 2007 eventually.

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