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"Big airlines " the project promotes " high-end instrument appearance " foregrou
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Current, the airborne device that ARJ21 uses and system basically still count an import, because our country is homebred,aviation electron system still is confined to for military use. " help out is born 12 days to say, because the life of military plan is of civil aircraft only very one of, civilian machine is accordingly airborne the standard of electronic equipment and military plan are not quite same also, and the airborne equipment of civilian machine needs to adopt comfortable boat standard, in order to assure bigger security.

Relevant expert introduces, in recent years, the electronic industry of our country had obtained very great progress, but look from electronic trade overall situation, china still acted as a part that assembles a processing factory, gain is very small. In the meantime, stale of equipment of most China business, craft is backward, taste the problem such as development capacity inadequacy newly to still restricting our country electron yuan of industry of parts of an apparatus live with development.

Accordingly, core yuan parts of an apparatus basically counts an import. The electronic industry of our country is in the low-level, high cost, miniature, state that runs dispersedly from beginning to end in. Technical content the low, business that does form a complete set is much, the company that makes high-tech whole set of equipment is little; The business that relies on foreign foundation material and equipment to undertake simple reproduction is much, have exit of own intellectual property to start the business that assemble little.

Current, china has had a few companies that produce airborne equipment below one boat division, basically also be nevertheless with military plan form a complete set. The expert inside course of study of relevant civil aviaton points out, if develop civilian engine project, market demand may drive these companies to develop device of civilian machine electron, and big airlines is aviation electron industry " army turn civilian " offerred chance.

Additional, big airlines still needs many instrument | Appearance appearance equipment. And at present, homebred instrument appearance because product reliability is poorer, mean time between failure should compare foreign product low 1 ~ 2 amounts class, our country is imported to the 52.87% need of gross of demand of market of instrument appearance product, intermediate product and the market share that enterprises of a lot of crucial component abroad held 60% above, and the instrument appearance of large, high accuracy counts an import entirely almost.
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