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Wireless standard brings a challenge for instrument industry
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Reach what software defines wireless communication framework to introduce as method of advanced number modulation, radio communication technology already became more and more complex nowadays, they with catenary of signal of digital signal processing, I/Q, much input / much output (MIMO) and other advanced technique are a characteristic. Additional, should not regard contented canal as to accuse stipulations of an agreement and need of sex of each other operation to must be opposite suddenly the test that these complex communication agreements have. The most important, operation frequency lasts whirlwind rises, in the limit that pounding existing equipment and engineering budget.

Those who rejoice is, test instrument manufacturer is not be at a loss what to do. All and main manufacturer is offerring the instrument with working taller frequency. Additional, the software that they provide and hardware can complete a lot of tests automatically, no matter be road of test new Wi-Fi 802.11n by implement or WiMAX base the MIMO on the station, still evaluate new chip to whether satisfy new 4G technology of long-term gradual progress (the requirement of standard of LTE) mobile phone. Newest issuance characteristic product is to be used at testing the technology such as LTE and newest HSDPA3G and the WiMAX that contain MIMO function mostly.

New standard extended technical territory

Nowadays, LTE and WiMAX had been the technology that millions of people fixes eyes upon. LTE is technology of 4G mobile phone, it is the 3rd acting companionate plan (3GPP) develops. Although be finished not finally (hopeful is in second half of the year obtains final approval) this year, but its affect enough to make chip and hardware equipment manufacturer try hard for a long time to the ground checks and evaluate these new products.

At present AT&T, T-Mobile is mixed what business of a lot of European telegraphic operation use is 3G WCDMA and HSPA technology, and LTE standard is next development phase. Same, verizon also is LTE choosing its 4G standard, and did not use what Qualcomm develops to exceed mobile broadband (UMB) plan.

Of course WiMAX technology is the broadband that undertakes standardizing by IEEE wireless technology. Have fixed (802.16d-2004) and shift (802.16e-2005) two kinds of version. Basically apply Yu Kuan to take wireless Internet to receive a service with be being mixed with cable television DSL competes. But such as mobile phone and system of other return trip also are in become popular.
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