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Amazing optical instrument products in Zhejiang Higher Education Fair Fall 2010
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Fall 2010 National Higher Education Equipment Exhibition will be held from 18 to 20 in Langfang International Exhibition Center. "High Instrument Exhibition" was founded in autumn 1992, targeting university autumn procurement, the country's universities each year end-users, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers will be here to participate in shows, purchasing, showcasing various types of teaching equipment in Asia for Higher equipment supply event, but also equipment market benchmark Chinese universities. "High Instrument Exhibition" has developed into the scale of educational technology and equipment, affecting the largest and most international exhibition. Appearance of many well-known dress manufacturer, in which optical instrument Co., Ltd. Zhejiang also visitors the public display of physical education equipment, military products and civilian products, and other advanced optical equipment.

Optical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang (Zhejiang Optical Instrument Factory) is located in the beautiful West Lake, the high-tech development zone. Founded in 1958, the existing area of 23 mu, building area of 24,000 square meters, staff 400 people, including 179 technicians. Enterprise has established a set of comprehensive design, production and quality assurance system, "Zhejiang Light, ZOC" product quality, service quality, access to the national acclaim of all users; in our industry the first class of optical instruments have been ISO9001 : 2000 quality management system certification, is the leading optical instrument manufacturer, has a number of wholly-owned, holding companies, joint ventures. Company products include, physical education equipment, military products, optical products and other civilian and undertake a variety of optical lens processing. Companies in the development and production aspects of physics teaching equipment technology leader in the domestic market share of 70% or more, forming a total of 16 series 27 varieties; main product had a history of received Ministry, provincial and municipal quality products title. One spectrometer, interferometer, and other products are also exported to the United States, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and other countries and regions have achieved good social and economic benefits.

This exhibition from the People's Government of Langfang City, China Educational Instrument Equipment Corporation organized Langfang International Exhibition Group Limited has undertaken, the total exhibition area of 35,000 square meters, highlight physics, chemistry chemical, biological and bio-engineering, electronic information and electronic measuring, mechanical and processing center class, power control and electrical classes, audio-visual equipment, classes, laboratories and teaching equipment and other products, from nearly a thousand domestic and foreign well-known production and sale of educational equipment exhibitors, exhibitors are expected business will reach nearly ten thousand people, who visit and negotiate to reach 3 million people.

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