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Content of the 3rd China International flows, traffic is carried reach teleproce
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Exhibit meeting area:
Sponsor an unit: Munich is exhibited (Shanghai) limited company
Undertake unit: Munich international reads extensively group
Support an unit:
Exhibit house title:
Extend meeting time: 2008-07-17 comes 2008-07-19
Release time: 2008-07-11
Exhibit meeting site: Shanghai new international reads extensively center
Exhibit meeting content: ◆ extends meeting advantage

※ Shanghai, serving as Chinese economy to develop a center is the optimal option that holds Transport Logistic China. She is not only those who lead to world main industrial district the portal of area of delta of the Yangtse River, more with its modern urban establishment and open mind receive those who come from China and whole world to exhibit business and audience.

※ Transport Logistic already had 30 years of histories in Germany, old exhibition experience test and verify comprehensive and excellent organization service is the essential element that assures to exhibit meeting success. Transport Logistic China 2008 already served set international standard for the organization of this grand meeting.

※ industry is gotten army the enterprise will gather together on this international grand meeting, show newest product and service. Come from production make the expert that sheds carriage domain with content also will discuss the forward position topic with newest industry together with you. Accordingly, current exhibit meeting general to reflect new-style collaboration form, aid you to consolidate existing business connection, extend new business, know new partner.

※ is in exhibit on the meeting, through showing the product of oneself and offerred service, content of accessibly body check sheds line of business the explanation of newest development trend.

※ is in exhibit the top-ranking seminar that holds during the meeting to go up, the thing that how famous expert will be Asia and China flows the global topical speak out freely such as the success is obtained on the market, strengthen content to shed a domain further inside interactive with communication, help the development strategy with your long-term establish.

On the fair of 2008 China air-freight that ※ holds in the corresponding period, the challenge that the senior expert that comes from air-freight domain faces place of discussion air-freight course of study and the newest business chance that Chinese market can offer.

◆ group virtuous finish to collective attention

Attend Transport Logistic China 2008, you postpone the content popularity line of business with be in China the mainest elegant demeanour is revealed on the meeting, make full use of the business that this industry good chance extends you, begin new economic point of growth.

This grand meeting sorts covering each link of the industry, from content shedding, teleprocessing, electron business affairs is carried to interior and stock carries system, freightage and relevant service to wait. ◆ organizer brief introduction
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