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Technique of laboratory of the 58th China reachs equipment Fair
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Extend meeting time: 2008-06-22 comes 2008-06-24
Release time: 2008-02-26
Exhibit meeting site: Smooth congress exhibits a center
Exhibit meeting content: Show content: One, reagent / domain of bad news material: 1. Reagent: Chemically of special chemical reagents, reference materials, lab tastes reagent of general and inorganic reagent, general and organic reagent, chemical reagents, analysis, biochemistry reagent, instrument, medicine examines chemical of reagent, electron 2. Glasswork: Vitreous instrument, medical 3 glass of glass, glass service, special type. Material of lab bad news: 2, scientific instrument: 1. Analysis, measuring instrument implement: Analyzer of instrument of analysis of appearance of color atlas appearance, spectrometer, mass spectrograph, spectrum, instrument of analysis of instrument of ray of chart appearance, X, electrochemistry, can hot analyzer, nucleus, gas, process analyzer, granuality analyzer, n is measured 2 appearance. Telescope: Electronic telescope, earth measures processing system of optical and instrument, laser instrument, optical microscope, electron microscope, metric instrument, spectroscopic, optical image, industry 3 microscope. Biology is special instrument: Biochemical analysis is instrument equipment, clinical examine instrument, medical analytic instrument, amino acid measures foreword appearance, DNA to synthesize ceremony of appearance, enzymatic award, biology to develop case, ferment 4 coal tub. Lab instrument and equipment: Metric call heavy instrument, balance instrument, lab furniture of general instrument and equipment, lab etc 3, flexible technology domain: Lab new technology, new method, relevant software, books, journal, media, groom and seek advice from applied limits: 1. Domain of educational scientific research 2. Production production domain (medicines and chemical reagents, food, health care is tasted etc) 3. Biochemistry / domain of life science research 4. The analysis detects domain (of all kinds quality detects supervisory orgnaization) 5. Agriculture produces a field 6. Environmental science domain visits an audience: 1. Business is purchased among instrument, reagent 2. Terminal of instrument, reagent buys the home 3. Expert of scientific research orgnaization, scholar 4. Quality detects supervisory orgnaization is relevant personnel 5. Laboratory administrator 6. Medicines and chemical reagents / food / health care tastes quality of production, management company to control personnel 7. The government is relevant orgnaization of medium of function management department, medium

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