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Food of 2008 Shanghai international installs exhibition of equipment of complete
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Exhibit meeting area:
Sponsor an unit: China of chamber of commerce of retail trade of Chinese industry association has brand research center oneself
Undertake unit: Shanghai gets the better of a song to show service limited company
Support an unit: Chinese economy signs up for
Exhibit house title: Shanghai exhibition
Extend meeting time: 2008-04-01 comes 2008-04-03
Release time: 2008-02-25
Exhibit meeting site: Shanghai exhibition
Exhibit meeting content: Ginseng extend range: Muti_function food is safe analyzer, safe detector, centrifugal appearance, fast determine appearance, water analysis and fast measure instrument, food to pack fast measure quality of instrument, air and environmental testing instrument, lab general testing instrument, soil, chemical fertilizer, : The standard exhibits a stage (note: Double-faced mouth exhibits add collect 20 % fee) domestic company: 7800 yuan of RMBs / / exhibition period 3 endowment enterprise: 9800 yuan of RMBs / / course of study of foreign enterprise of exhibition period condition: 2000 dollars / / exhibition period

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