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The 7th China (Shanghai) international power plant and generation set exhibition
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Exhibit meeting area:
Sponsor an unit: Shanghai gets the better of calm exhibition to engineer limited company
Undertake unit: Shanghai surpasses calm exhibition limited company
Support an unit:
Exhibit house title: Shanghai new international reads extensively center
Extend meeting time: 2008-04-25 comes 2008-04-27
Release time: 2008-02-20
Exhibit meeting site: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Yang Lu of Shanghai Pudong dragon 2345)
Exhibit meeting content: 1, show limits engine: Marine engine, car dynamo, motor engine, agricultural engine, mixture motivation engine, aeriform engine, project machine engine, fuel cell, motor component and oil are tasted. Generation set: Marine generation set, generation set burning gas, derv generation set, benzine generation set, gas generation set, wind energy generation set, solar energy generation set, the dynamo controls a system, other reserve power source, instrument appearance and relevant component 2, each charge 1, exhibit a norms to reach collect fees ◆ standard is exhibited (exhibit a norms (3M×3M)9 ㎡, appoint exhibit add collect 20% fee) domestic company: 8800 yuan of RMBs / / course of study of foreign enterprise of exhibition period condition: 2200 dollars / / exhibition period charge includes: 2.5 meters field, tall boarding, advisory desk a piece, chair two pieces, exhibit an illume, lintel board; ◆ shows vacant lot (clearing hires since 36 ㎡) domestic company: 850 yuan of RMBs / square metre / course of study of foreign enterprise of exhibition period condition: 220 dollars / square metre / exhibition period charge includes: Showpiece service of field, security personnel, extend a clean service. The position that exhibits a stage consults by the organizing committee program of overall of the following principles: Exhibit a sort (special outfit, standard) , amount; The element such as the content of industry, product and service; Sign up, pay arrange orderly early or late exhibit. 2, price of space of a whole page of ad of proceedings of a conferences (RMB) layout price (RMB) layout price (RMB) literal full page 2000 yuan of title page 7000 yuan of pages inside color 6000 yuan black and white inside page 3000 yuan of inside front cover 10000 yuan of back cover 12000 yuan of inside back cover page of 15000 yuan of color crosses 8000 yuan of cover: Invitation 10000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces of tickets 4800 yuan / bag of 10 thousand pieces of data 5000 yuan / 1000 scroll 4000 yuan / exhibition period aerates arch 2500 yuan / day assembly room 6000 yuan / 45 minutes 4, seminar congress registers (the brand releases board piece) charge: 2600 dollars / 40 minutes; Charge includes: Desk of assembly room, measuring projector, mineral water, sign in, attendance book, assistance organizes audience. 3, ginseng extend a program 1, extend application form by “ ginseng”After asking the form that fill appropriate builds official seal, be faxed or mail to sponsor an unit. 2, will join inside 7 weekday the 50% telegraphic transfer money that exhibit charge entire section or press entire section or turn Zhang comes sponsor an unit to assign an account, the fax after remittance bottom sheet copies comes 021 - 68641569. 3, sponsor an unit to receive ginseng after exhibiting expense namely to join ginseng of “ of the make known to lower levels that postpone business to exhibit confirmation ” . “ of the make known to lower levels after entire section is paid reports for duty manual ”(is embedded: Ginseng exhibit advice note, hotel to recieve, carriage notice of item on display, van enters Shanghai course) . The midway that postpone business is retreated exhibit ginseng exhibit charge not to grant to return. 4, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be asked after doing financial procedures brief introduction of company LOGO, company (contain product, norms, quoted price) electric mail comes so that Sdcn@sdcn.com.cn is exhibited can sponsor unit “ to buy the home to serve ministry ” to be its in time to serve. 4, promotion of strong strong collaboration, linkage publicizes strength to increase, better service is wide enterprise, sponsor collaboration of unit and ” of net of business affairs of dynamo of “ China power plant to establish issue " directory of enterprise of dynamo of Chinese power plant " reach enlightened " the exhibition hall on the net " , implementation “ is exhibited meeting network Trinitarian brand of paper intermediary ” , product, service extends a system, help company profit is the biggest change. Participate in method to browse please: Www.chnpower.com or with sponsor unit connection.
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