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2008 China (Shanghai) international biology technology and instrument equipment
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Exhibit meeting area:
Sponsor an unit: Committee of science and technology of contemporary biology and medical estate office, Shanghai, Shanghai teachs Shanghai branch department of Shanghai of branch department of Shanghai of committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Undertake unit:
Support an unit:
Exhibit house title: Shanghai international exhibits a center
Extend meeting time: 2008-05-28 comes 2008-05-30
Release time: 2008-02-20
Exhibit meeting site: Shanghai international exhibits a center (Lou Shan involves a way 88)
Exhibit meeting content: Exhibit meeting description: Technology of biology of “ China International and medical industry exhibition and seminar (Biotech&Pharm China)” is China exclusive give priority to a problem with science of medicine of biology project, biology, life internationally major is exhibited meeting, with its the brand is changed, internationalization, specializationed characteristic, through indefatigable effort of 10 years and pursuit, extend the dimensions of the meeting and influence bigger and bigger, professional level is higher and higher, become the public figure inside course of study accepted China and even Asia are annual famous industry distinguished gathering, it is domestic and international with advancing travel technical communication, commerce negotiates, trade of collaboration internationally platform.

The skill of Shanghai international biology that ran 9 already successfully up to now and medical seminar (Bio-forum) , have authority in a certain field of the orgnaization of research and development of actual strength and international biology medicine jointly, with respect to the heat of research and development that the whole world pays close attention to, invite international extensively famous expert scholar, transnational corporation president, professional orgnaization administrator is taken an active part in, already became orgnaization of domestic and international scientific research, business circles, bound of venture capital investment communicates interactive optimal platform, great the research and development that promoted technology of our country biology and medicine and industrialization.

Support media: Does An return  of fatigue of ├ of   assorted to take?

Limits of item on display: Biology project

Biology project technology:

Protein project / skill of enzymatic project, education, downstream processing / ferment / the cell develops a project

Biology engineering product:

Medicines and chemical reagents of technical product, careful chemistry, cure, diagnostic reagent, protein / individual plant of product of material of nature of enzymatic, small element, agriculture, food, transplanting, bacterium, Dna is synthesized, small array technology

Analytic method:

Analysis of biology analysis law, process, child analysis is in, clinical test, tall flux is chosen, biochemistry passes technology of feeling analysis, small system
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