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Company of American Plastic Logic invents the electronic paper of plastic mother
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Of Plastic Logic Reader sizable at A4 (215.9×279.4 Mm) paper. Formal weight and ply were not announced, nevertheless this company says to want than notebook thin. The electronic book of battery life and other company is roughly identical. Assist touch screen accusing firebug, it is OK to divide besides the documentation such as indication PDF and Microsoft Word, still can show the content such as electronic newspaper and book. The price was not announced. The plan offerred money first half of the year 2009.

The electronic book screen of Plastic Logic uses the electronic paper of American E Ink. Plastic Logic says, use the electric crystal array that forms on plastic motherboard to come the each picture element of drive electron paper. The technology of electric crystal array that uses this is developed by university of British Kang Qiao at first. Firebug act is reflection model. Ply of firebug act itself is 1mm about, electric crystal array occupies among them 1/3 left and right sides. Although appeared on the market first half of the year 2009 act of firebug of Plastic Logic Reader still cannot bend, nevertheless the technical itself of this company can use screen of firebug of Yu Rou sex.

Electric crystal array is to be below roughly as identical as room temperature temperature, electric crystal is formed on plastic motherboard and come. Accordingly, this company emphasizes but low cost produces screen. The German heart of Plastic Logic plant of Le Sideng city will be started formally on September 17, 2008.