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Homebred situation passes achievement appraisal smoothly into machine of umbrife
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The technical innovation that expert group obtains to the project and breakthrough offerred sufficient affirmation at the same time, think the project is in overall in development, use reflection formula umbriferous technology, implementation DMD edits to the real time of dosage of graphical gray scale, exposure; Use lens of eye of fly of building blocks amlposition flowing and diffractive technology, realize parallel and even illume, inhomogenous sex achieves ±0.5% ; Use high accuracy umbriferous field lens, realize umbriferous type not to have photoetching of stencil of attack by surprise, its resolution amounts to 1μm; Use the computer to classification control and grating nicety measure a technology, nicety of implementation work station locates, the error is less than ±0.6μm; Use can edit alignment mark and CCD coaxial to aim a technology, collimation error is less than ±0.35μm. Agree with this project consistently to pass appraisal of achievement of science and technology.

The pace digitlizes photoetching machine into the umbriferous stencil that do not have attack by surprise, it is to be based on DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) technology of array of digital small lens, form standard of digital attack by surprise, pass automatic focus, pace to enter displacement, umbriferous into picture, do not have automatically meet joining together, the new generation that realizes the stencil that do not have attack by surprise to digitlize photoetching to machine machines photoetching equipment imperceptibly. The photoetching of optics of equipment of whole machines and tools, stencil that do not have attack by surprise, pace is entered umbriferous into picture, alignment and focus mark can edit wait for technical feature. Equipment resolution is consequently high, cost of good, development reachs flexibility technology finished cost is lower advantage. Its success is developed, came true from current and traditional be written continuously or stencil of attack by surprise is duplicate photoetching method the leap forward to digital informatization photoetching, machined development of special and compound processing technique to create solid condition to prop up to launch the small offer such as small accept parts of an apparatus, the technical progress of scientific to promoting our country IT domain is having remarkable real sense.

Project group will quicken the industrialization of achievement of science and technology further, positive effect is produced in economy and social progress.