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3 water chestnut roll out LaserVue of TV of laser of global head money
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The large size television with high price theres is no lack of on the market now actually, for example the pine of TV of 108 inches of plasma, 75 thousand dollar issues the Xia Pu of 185 thousand dollar the TV of liquid crystal of Suo Ni Bravia XBR of TV of 103 inches of plasma, 30 thousand dollar, but relative to character, the technology that they use does not calculate new, consequently LaserVue stimulates 3 water chestnut the eyeball that smooth TV appeared to attract many high-end users oneself.

3 water chestnut say, double LaserVue laser TV is TV of laser of colour limits dispute, common liquid crystal, the LaserVue laser TV that used 120Hz technology can achieve the brilliance of 500 nit, the 3D effect that browse is very outstanding also, and power comsumption won't exceed 200 tile, this is the half that is the same as power comsumption of TV of dimension liquid crystal only just. Express according to 3 water chestnut, 65 inches of LaserVue are first product of TV of laser of 3 water chestnut only, the fourth quarter still can roll out 73 inches LaserVue laser TV this year, price is as high as 10 more possibly, 000 dollars.

According to the view of 3 water chestnut, 40% of the colour spectrum that the vision that the HDTV nowadays can behave a person only can experience. Allegedly now, laser TV can come true than LCD and plasma TV the gray scale of 2 times behaves ability. Stimulate beam of light to be able to offer the richest, complex colour to still can accompany best definition and eye shot deepness likewise. Inside a few years of in the past, laser TV is developing silently all the time, very apparent now had arrived its gold period of time, hopeful sells business to cent in the fall shipment 2008.

According to the view of this company, 3 water chestnut TV of LaserVue series laser offers hopeful culminating picture quality, and create one newest and the experience of surveyor's pole vision of the richest creativity. LaserVue TV will introduce the DLP chip series with newest Ti (not be HD4 or HD5) , the color that and complete purify is in common DLP HDTV appears shakes and window phenomenon. Still will introduce more compact than DLP model group of the standard model series. Same, laser TV is very friendly to the environment, the electric energy that waste is the half of current LCD TV almost only, it is the 1/3 of plasma TV.