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Xiao Te electron encloses successful research and development to go out be not s
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The Rohit Bhosale of manager of research and development of photoelectron application domain that in the Xiao Te that is located in Singapore the electron encloses Asian branch to hold a post expresses, the successful research and development that is not spherical lens to provide a cap makes Xiao Te's line of the products more rich and perfect, extended the product combination that includes TO socket, TO to be in charge of cap and microelectronics to enclose further. The glass that this kind of product used Xiao Te electron to enclose - metal and pottery and porcelain - the metal is sealed receive a technology to be made. He still complements: More and more industry clients had experienced “ to be bought to one station neat brought synergism. In addition, xiao Te is in sealed receive and the domain such as optical glass has multinomial and patent technology, because this be determined is offerred,use microtherm solder glass to seal received high quality mould pressing to shape be not spherical lens product is of course. ”

The characteristic that offers this product is Xiao Te needs to be made a bit to the mould only adjust and improve can the effective demand of according to client is custom-built be not spherical lens to provide a cap. And, when the client undertakes optical design not only the technical support that can use glass of low melting point of Xiao Te proprietary to also will obtain Xiao Te.

Xiao Te is fore-and-aft and integrated what develop production treatment from material is all-around advantage, design a technology by right of science of distinctive forward position material and applied project, offer high grade product and this locality to change technical support to wait for the client one-stop service.

Xiao Te electron encloses career ministry is the banner manufacturer of the case that provides long-term and reliable protection for sensitive electron component and other component, core technology includes glass - metal and pottery and porcelain - the metal is sealed technology, hot feeling component and glass of a series of advanced special type make a technology. Base of 4 big production and many technologies center are spread all over in Xiao Te, have 1 in all, 500 employee are consumable of global car, data and communication, sensor and semiconductor, electron, dentistry to nurse wholeheartedly, electric home appliances

Cap of the tube that be not a ball will roll out the market formally in September 2008.