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First La Guang DVD broadcasts heart contest group machine hit out overseas marke
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Heart contest respect discloses, so far, heart contest group has accepted arrival from international of area of Euramerican and other places the order of player of La Guang DVD of well-known company exceeds 200 thousand. Regard the China that rolls out this kind of product the earliest to the international market as the enterprise, heart contest also from this establish its are in the bibcock position in domestic La Guangzhen run.

It is reported, at the beginning of this year, the father Toshiba company of HDDVD announces to abandon the follow-up research and development of HDDVD project, decisive victory was gained in the competition of format of La Guang DVD in standard of format of this high-definition disc, from this dominant international market mainstream consumes a trend. On the international market, suo Ni, apple, Dai Er, HP, day stands, the international such as pioneer, SamSung is famous the enterprise is member of association of blue light CD; Home also has had include heart game inside 11 large companies add Laguang a group of people of same interest. Heart contest takes the lead in hitting out international market, make ground of its not decline to shoulder a responsibility makes domestic La Guangzhen run get army enterprise.

According to reporter understanding, la Guang (Blu-ray) uses wavelengh shorter (laser reads the blue of 405nm) to take and keep data, get a name because of this. And shaven head of traditional DVD need gives out gules laser (wavelengh is read for 650nm) take or keep data, normally for the laser with shorter wavelengh, can be recorded on unit area or read take more news. Accordingly, la Guang DVD dish nearly 6 times the capacity is common DVD, enough memory surpasses content of video of high definition number or standard TV program of 13 hours.

The personage inside course of study predicts, in future two arrive 3 years inside, euramerican market reachs relevant broadcasting to La Guang DVD the demand of machine will appear explosive type to grow, DVD times will transfer gradually blue smooth times, market prospect is capacious.

Heart contest begins cooperation of company of as famous as the United States scheme from 2007, take the lead in entering La Guang DVD to broadcast the research and development of machine and production domain. After machine of blue smooth dish is rolled out, they begin to establish the industry standard of machine of blue smooth dish again, try to hold the commanding elevation of visit course of study.

According to Desaiji day of Zhang Ren of round news spokesman introduces, fair and product of electron of Hong Kong spring are purchased to exhibit in the round-the-world resource of not long ago on, the DVD of its La Guang that heart contest rolls out first degrees is broadcasted machine the high attention that causes world each district to purchase business. Back-to-back, on May 22, heart contest issues standard of industry of La Guang DVD formally external, get an industry inside of numerous enterprise approbate. The machine, frequency after reading cut dish dies to wait for the accepted difficult problem inside course of study without output after personnel of heart contest research and development captured the system identifies blue smooth smooth dish early or late again, in addition return those who get Suo Ni to support energetically, in July successful implementation quantity is produced first, hit out international market.
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