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California university development goes a kind but material of invisible new-styl
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This research achievement has been published in " natural " and " science " on the magazine, the leader that studies a group is Xiang Zhang, the principle basically is based on negative reflection phenomenon, negative reflection seems Russian scientist Veselago to put forward 1968 now: When light-wave from have the material of refractive index is incident arrive when the interface that has stuff of negative refractive index, the reflection of light-wave and groovy reflection are contrary, incident wave and refractive wave place depend on interfacial normal direction be the same as a side. Material of negative refractive index comes out in development of the ability at the beginning of this century, negative reflection phenomenon can be in only before this the person's sightless microwave wave band comes true, and new material can be in implementation of visible light wave band loses reflection.

New material uses the Yin Hemei fluoride of structure of mesh of accept rice class, researcher expresses the light to travel to bypass like current in this kind of material stone is same, the result is the light that can see from object front the reverse side is transmitted only.

On the other hand, this kind of material can apply quickly at communication and other sphere, use material of this kind of negative refractive index to make ” of “ super lens for example, can break through light-wave diffraction pole limit, observe more minikin body.

Often wait for the concealed body garment that appears in visional world in the novel, in the real world that will appear in us likely. Reported on August 10 according to British media, school of component of interest of gram of American California university uncle studies the group originated the data of the direction of two kinds of changeable light respectively twice, stepped revolutionary one pace to the development of garment of human concealed body.

This is material of rice of two kinds of accept, among them with accept rice metal reticulate structure comes one kind the direction of changeover light, another kind those who use is fine accept rice silver-colored line. Scientists say its exceed material ” for “ , because their artificial synthesis structure has the character that natural presence content does not have, can produce negative refractive index for example.

In California university Berkeley divides the Namike of school to learn technical center foreign citizen of Chinese origin to teach Zhang Xiang's leader to fall, two research group obtained delectable positive result, publish in respectively " science " and " natural " on the magazine.

According to researcher Johnson · made of baked clay Lun Ding introduces, the data of rice of two kinds of accept that at present development gives is the way that changes light inside finite wavelengh limits, because this thinks,covering Lou Yu to be not discovered to return by the satellite with this kind of material is unlikely. Valentine says when accepting a phone to interview: “ we are not in cover any objects, I feel to still need not be met beside concern now often have ‘ invisible person ’ has gone. Say candidly, we just just start. ”
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