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The computer chip technique with miniature microscope will traditional chip and photograph of small fluid technology are united in wedlock, size the coin as 25 cent, its object becomes the nose volume that has head of the Washington on coin only like the part. Yang Changhui of project of electron of engineering college of personnel of miniature microscope research and development, California and professor of biology engineering assistant (transliteration) express, whole apparatus is very compact, installation is on the mobile phone and can use sunshine illume, suit to apply at the developing country extremely.

Yang Changhui expresses, microscope comes out from 16 centuries hind, its are designed basically change without what, the price of miniaturization is high at the same time. The miniature microscope of new design used different principle, cast off lens and giant and optical component thereby.

The construction of miniature microscope chip is very simple. Researcher is in development, be in above all charge coupling parts of an apparatus (CCD) inductor the plating on bar case film of a metal, hit a diameter to be less than the small inclined hole of 1 micron in metallic film surface next, the apart between aperture 5 micron. Every alveolus correspondence resembles element at a of sensor array, still installed small fluid passageway in metal and sensor array upper part, this passageway will make the liquid level that contains sample has shed the alveolus on metallic face. Whole chip from upside illume, and sun's rays can satisfy a requirement. When the organism with cell or lesser build passes each alveolus according to foreword, block held off the light that cross alveolus from upside and shoots bottom sensor, arose to include the image series of brightness and shadow thereby, of similar pinhole camera into resemble a result. Because alveolus tilts a bit, image can appear tiny jackknife. When rising all image join, can acquire the 2 dimension image of the organism with very clear cell or lesser build.

Yang Changhui is in at present and company of technology of much home biology exchanges views commercialize matters concerned of chip of manufacturing miniature microscope, its are large-scale manufacturing cost wants 10 dollars only. According to user demand, miniature is microscopical chip can have different kind in order to apply to all sorts of platform. For example the checkup personnel of remote region can carry cheap, compact product to detect plasmodium; legionary soldier is OK one-time miniature microscope is used on battlefield chip product. Cui Xiquan of chip research participator (transliteration) say, go up in a chip can compositive thousands of small shed microscope, allow to become the many organism in resemble and analysing sample liquid at the same time thereby.

Future, chip hopeful enchases miniature microscope to be able to transplant in receiving the miniature instrument inside human body. Yang Changhui thinks, the system of miniature microscope analysis that can transplant can be chosen automatically and keep apart seaborne in circular blood cancer cell, offer important diagnostic information and help to prevent cancer to diffuse thereby.
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