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Ultraviolet and optical coating can prolong telescope service life
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An Jielun science and technology (Agilent) the development history that in laser interference is measured and accept rice measures a domain to have more than 35 years, edition of circuit of the telescope equipment that its produce, electron and optical test system have wide application in many domains. The service life that savors ultraviolet and optical coating newly to be able to lengthen telescope

An Jielun science and technology (Agilent) announced successful research and development a few days ago product of a kind of ultraviolet and optical coating, this coating can prolong the service life of telescope, equipment of contented and sophisticated medical treatment and semiconductor are become right like the system the high demand of telescope accuracy.

"The laser of ultraviolet light wavelengh blasts off and illuminant device, the demand in domain of optical industry system increases gradually. " director of operation of market of group of An Jielun telescope Mr VinceBarich says, "And for the design personnel to equipment of ultraviolet light system, use why to plant coating product will lengthen equipment life to place before to treat the problem that solve namely namely. An Jielun science and technology can produce the product of violet rustproof lacquer related crop at present, offer the surface to protect a technology for equipment, lengthen optical system in order to achieve to lengthen the purpose of service life, the product of violet rustproof lacquer that brings nimble human relations at the same time can the precision that utmost keeps optical equipment really and accuracy requirement. Accordingly, we can say certainly, use violet rustproof lacquer to be protected to optical and accurate instrument, can prolong service life not only, and the maintenance that can reduce facility cost. "

Current, the reflectivity of this coating product and extreme environment destroy an experiment to be finished already smoothly, the independence that these tests pass certificate of quality in An Jielun company is finished in the lab, because this function of this product is OK,get assure and affirming.

The conformity with An Jielun effective science and technology link of Wu of kimono of research and development, production, market, can ensure to the process is handled before the watch of telescope (nap, abrade, polish) finish in the synchronism inside job shops with process of coating besmear outfit. What by right of Anjielunke ability is producing quality segment is strict guard a pass, in can ensuring the besmear of the product installs a process, parameter of face of pressure, temperature, lens all accords with products plan requirement.

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