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Photoelectricity measures the national level related the test
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Serial number Sequence No. Standard number Standard No. Remark of remarks of State of condition of Standard Title In English of name of standard of English of Standard Title In Chinese of Chinese standard name
1GB/T 11170-1989
The photoelectricity of stainless steel launchs spectrum to analyse active 1990-07-01 of methodological Method For Photoelectric Emission Spectroscopic Analysis Of Stainless Steel to carry out
2GB/T 12079-1989
X ray is in charge of photoelectricity function to check active 1990-08-01 of methodological Measurements Of The Photoelectric Properties For X-ray Tubes to carry out
3GB 12526-1990
Active 1991-08-01 of Specifications For Long Range Electro-optical Distance Measurement of standard of long-range photoelectricity range finding is carried out
4GB/T 12564-1990
Photoelectricity the times general specification that add a canal (can use for attestation) active 1991-10-01 carries out Generic Specification For Photomultiplier Tubes
5GB/T 12565-1990
Cent of parts of an apparatus of semiconductor device photoelectron is normative (can use for attestation) Semiconductor Devices- - active 1991-10-01 of Sectional Specification For Optoelectronic Devices is carried out
6GB/T 13235.3-1995
Oil and law of demarcate of cubage of oilcan of metal of shape of cylinder of vertical of liquid petroleum products (law of the range finding inside photoelectricity) Petroleumand Liquid Petroleum Products- - Volumetric Calibration Of Vertical Cylindrical Metal Tanks- - active 1996-08-01 of Electro-optical Distance-ranging Internal Method is carried out
7GB/T 13708-1992
Photoelectricity the times blank that add a canal is detailed and normative (can use for attestation) active 1993-06-01 carries out Blank Detail Specification For Photomultiplier Tubes
8GB/T 13780-1992
Method of experiment of cotton fiber length is automatic Test Method For Cotton Length of law of photoelectricity length appearance- - Auto-photoelectric Stapler active 1993-06-01 is carried out
9GB/T 13986-1992
Active 1993-07-01 carries out the Photoelectric Method For Measuring Exposure In Focal Planes Of Camera of photoelectricity measurement technique of light exposure of camera anxious plane
10GB/T 14203-1993
Iron and steel and alloy photoelectricity launch General Rule For Photoelectric Emission Spectroscopic Analysis Of Iron of spectrometry general rule, active 1993-10-01 of Steel And Alloy is carried out
11GB/T 14267-1993
Active 1993-11-01 of Short Range Electro-optic Distance-measuring Instrument of range finder of short distance photoelectricity is carried out
12GB/T 15043-1994
The active 1994-12-01 of measurement technique Methods For Measuring Electrical And Luminous Parameters Of Incandescent Lamps of parameter of incandescent lamp photoelectricity is carried out
13GB/T 15465-1995
Active 1995-09-01 carries out General Specification For Low-light Level Television Cameras of condition of total technology of crepuscular television camera
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