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Optical and relevant state level
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Serial number Sequence No. Standard number Standard No. Remark of remarks of State of condition of Standard Title In English of name of standard of English of Standard Title In Chinese of Chinese standard name

1GB/Z 20648-2006
The electron becomes what keep the information on optical medium in like erasure record to recommend active 2007-05-01 of methodological Electronic Imaging - Recommendations For The Expungement Of Information Recorded On Write-once Optical Media to carry out
2GB/T 20082-2006
Pollution of fluid drive liquid uses optical microscope to determine the methodological Hydraulic Fluid Power that grain pollution spends- - Fluid Contamination- - active 2006-08-01 of Determination Of Particulate Contamination By The Counting Method Using An Optical Microscope is carried out
3GB/T 20244-2006
Optical fiber passes active like component Fiber Optic Devices For Image Transmission 2006-11-01 to carry out
4GB/T 10050-1988
Optics and Optics And Optical Instruments of telescope reference wavelengh- - Reference Wavelengths active 1989-07-01 is carried out
5GB/T 10987-1989
Of optical system parameter determine Optical Systems- - active 1990-01-01 of Determination Of Parameters is carried out
6GB/T 10988-1989
Optical system is mixed (medicinal powder) Veiling Glare Of Optical Systems of smooth measurement technique- - active 1990-01-01 of Methods Of Measurement is carried out
7GB/T 11162-1989
Optical graduation part is current active 1990-05-01 carries out technical condition General Specification Of Optical Components For The Scale And Surface Defects
8GB/T 11168-1989
Optical system resembles checking methodological Image Quality Of Optical Systems character- - active 1990-05-01 of Method Of Deter-mination is carried out
9GB/T 11447-1989
Optical fiber fused plate checks active 1990-03-01 of methodological Methods Of Measurement Of Fibre-optic Plates to carry out
10GB/T 1185-1989
Active 1990-01-01 of ill Surface Imperfections Of Optical Elements of defect of surface of optical spare parts is carried out, replace GB 1185-1974
11GB/T 1204-1975
The active 1976-01-01 of Chamfers For Optical Parts pouring wine cup of optical spare parts is carried out
12GB/T 12053-1989
Optics identifying uses alphabetical number character set the first part: OCR-A character set pressworks the appearance of image and dimension Alphanumeric Character Sets For Optical Recognition- - Part 1:CHaracter Set OCR-A- - active 1990-07-01 of Shapes And Dimensions Of The Printed Image is carried out
13GB/T 12085.1-1989
Optics And Optical Instruments of range of optics and term of method of telescope environment experiment, test- - Environmental Test Methods- - Definitions, active 1990-08-01 of Extent Of Testing is carried out
14GB/T 12085.2-1989
Optics and telescope environment try Optics And Optical Instruments of low temperature of proved recipe law, high temperature, damp and hot- - Environmental Test Methods- - Cold, heat, humidity active 1990-08-01 is carried out
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