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[Attention] the use of projector plane illuminator and maintain
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The planar illuminator on projector is become by plated film of the vacuum after plate glass brick makes the same score polishing clean. The surface extraordinary level is smooth, bright and clean degree very tall. Smooth reflectivity is in 85% above. Smooth loss is consequently less, catoptric image is not out of shape go out of form, it is one of important optical element on projector. Its price is very expensive. So, special attention wants to safeguard in use process with maintain. Its safeguard with maintain the method is as follows:

1, mix in open when shutting planar illuminator to build, forbidden finger feels planar illuminator face. Accurate operation method is to use a hand to ask arm of bracket of field lens head, another hand captures planar illuminator to build the open handle that go up, the lid opens carefully will planar illuminator, and open arrives proper point of view; Shutting also is such, if planar illuminator becomes loose, can come back the Zhang Jin bolt by picture frame close. If wear away too big, can change new spacer.

2, never use finger or face of lens of other thing feeling in use process, if once the hand points to show mark imprints on lens face, usable and defatted tampon dips in after dehydration alcohol, squeeze redundant alcohol, clean office pointing to mark gently with wetter alcohol tampon. When wiping, must not have exerted oneself to do sth. big, also do not expand wipe limits, because of lens the face once cut, cannot remedy, will affect umbriferous result directly. So, planar illuminator is in use process, never wipe casually.

3, because it is very smooth, been protect commonly is not to fall to go up of dirt. If had dirt, also cannot brush, can use only blow a balloon to blow off carefully. Ten million notices that he cannot be blown with the mouth, when blowing air because of using the mouth, at the same time breathe out falls on lens face, make lens face touchs little water, fall again dirt makes lens face sends black instead, lose luster, as a result cannot be used. So of planar illuminator waterproof and moistureproof very important also, need not when, should use polybag or cloth cover in time to have its reoccupy.

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