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[Recommend] solution of detailed of microscope technology principle
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Microbial individual and tiny, with naked eye direct observation does not arrive, must ability of microscope of have the aid of observes his individual configuration and cellular structure. Also meet in the research that needs to have observation to corporeal micromechanism in the place such as protein structure use all sorts of microscope. All sorts of existing microscope basically are comprise by field lens and ocular, the focal distance of ocular is very short, the focal distance of ocular is very long, the action of ocular is the real image that gets the object magnifies, the action of ocular is the real image that magnifies field lens serves as an object, farther enlarge becomes virtual image. The total multiple that microscope magnifies the object is the multiple that enlarge multiple multiplies field lens to magnify with ocular. Such multiple that although ocular is mixed,field lens magnifies are finite, but multiple of microscope total enlarge is very considerable.

Instrument structure and classification

Common and optical microscope is a kind of accurate telescope. Inchoate microscopical field lens is comprised by a few a few lens only, be hard to eliminate what content resembles to resemble difference and chromatism. Latter-day microscopical field lens already ground the lenticular composition that make by a nicety, already can better land is eliminated like difference and chromatism, can magnify the object 1500 ~ 2000 times. The construction of common and optical microscope can divide for two much: Namely machine and optical system. This two parts cooperate well, ability produces the effect of microscope adequately. F

The machine of the machine microscope of 1. microscope includes lens, converter of microscope limb, field lens, stage, drive implement, thick use the part such as helix and jiggle helix.

(1) lens lens the main support that is microscope, by base and lens arm two parts are comprised. In its upside join has stage and microscope limb, it is the base that holds part of optical enlarge system with Yu An.

(The eye piece on microscope limb of 2) microscope limb, converter is received below. Form eye piece and objective lens (outfit fall in converter) the darkroom between. Call mechanical tube length to the distance between mouth of helix of field lens converter from the upper edge of microscope limb. the microscope limb length with because the magnifying power of field lens is,be opposite certain. Microscope limb grows spent change, magnify times varies subsequently not only, and into also be affected like quality. Accordingly, when use microscope, cannot change microscope limb length arbitrarily. The standard tube length of international admiral microscope is 160mm surely, this number mark is on the crust of field lens.

(3 ~ can be installed on converter of field lens of converter of 3) field lens 4 field lens, it is 3 field lens commonly () of times lower, times taller, oily lens, nikon microscope contains 4 field lens. Rotational converter, can press need to put through among them any objective lens and microscope limb, make an enlarge system with the ocular above microscope limb.
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