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[Recommend] the relevant technology of optical microscope introduces
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One, the development history of optical microscope
Be in early BC generation discipline, when people already discovered through globose transparency system observes tiny object, can make its magnify picture. Can make to globose glass surface the object magnifies the law that resemble had knowledge gradually later.
1590, the glasses maker of Holand and Italy has made the enlarge instrument that gives similar microscope. 1610 around, italian Galileo is strapped while research is telescopic with a general of Germany, change the distance between field lens and ocular, reach structure of reasonable microscope smooth route, the production that the optical craftsman at that time is engaged in microscope in succession then, promotion and improve.
17 centuries middle period, british Hooker and Dutch list Wen Huke, made outstanding contribution to the development of microscope. 1665 around, hooker is joined in microscope thick move and system of jiggle focus orgnaization, lighting and bear the weight of the specimen piece workbench. These component courses are improved ceaselessly, make the main component of contemporary microscope.
1673 ~ during 1677, liewenhu controls only group yuan of magnifier type times taller microscope, among them 9 are saved up to now. Be overcome why and list Wen Huke to use self-restrained microscope, moving, the research respect of plant airframe micromechanism gained remarkable success.
19 centuries, the occurrence of field lens of steep of high quality achromatism, make microscope observes the ability of imperceptible structure rises greatly. Amijidi used steep field lens 1827. 19 centuries 70 time, german Abbe established microscope to become the classic and academic basis that resemble. These promoted the rapid progress that microscope is made and shows microcosmic examine skill, the biologist that includes division conspicuous, Pausteur to wait inside for leaf of 19 centuries second half and medical home discover the bacterium is mixed microbial provided powerful tool.
While microscope itself structure develops, microscopical observation technology also is innovating ceaselessly: Appeared 1850 polarizing microscopy; Appeared to interfere microscopy 1893; Zeernike created Holand physicist 1935 look line microscopy, he obtained Nobel physics 1953 for this award.
Classic optical microscope is the combination of optical component and accurate and mechanical component only, it comes to those who observe enlarge resemble as receiver with person eye. Graph was joined in microscope later, serve as the receiver that can be recorded and stores with sensitive film. Contemporary use the canal of photoelectricity component, pickup and charge coupler receiver that serves as microscope generally again, deserve to be collected with complete picture news is being made after miniature computer with processing system.
The microscope manufacturer with the at present mainest whole world basically has: Card of Aolinbasi, Cai Si, Lai, Ni Kang. Domestic manufacturer basically has: Changjiang Delta, Maikeaodi.
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