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[Attention] laser is umbriferous overturn traditional eyeshot
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[IT168 information] a fine beam of light, can go up to the sky, can enter the ground, can map gives multicolored the boundless universe! The laser technology that be infinitely resourceful applies already extensively in medical treatment, commerce, military affairs to wait a respect a moment, will blossom in indication domain a bright bouquet.

Current, LASER laser shows the technology already became the implementation with accepted international to exceed resolution of big colour gamut, freeboard and the photoelectricity that exceed big screen to demonstrate a skill, it will be the 21 centuries are the strongest competitor in big screen television and projector market, laser of race to control of hopeful of Chinese laser indication technology is umbriferous the commanding elevation that the market competes, break the west to show the forestall of technical respect in colour.

Principle of laser projector job

Laser is umbriferous the principle that synthesizes image and television likeness, project laser through showing component is direct namely on screen or wall. Stimulate from the top down of beam of light, from left to right undertake " mow " . Horizontal deflexion (line scanning) through showing a in the head many face to rotate lens comes true, perpendicular deflexion (frame scans) through tilting lens comes true. The electron beam scanning of working process and CRT is a little similar on fluorescent screen, nevertheless electron beam is to pass magnetic field deflexion to finish scanning, and laser has to rely on prism (prism is transparent material (wait like glass, crystal) the polyhedron of make it, apply in telescope very wide) .

Laser canal arises stimulating beam of light is concolorous, light-wave frequency is onefold, transmission method is parallel and won't disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, make laser umbriferous do not need lens to undertake focusing, but must cross tailor-made crystal or guide solely try modulation, become gules, green and blue, and according to video signal in to 3 kinds base lubricious brightness and scanning information undertake controlling, repass synthesis device projects screen.

Laser is umbriferous the production of equipment, need two requirements at least: It is the laser that realizes 3 kinds of color above all; It is to need to be able to realize laser pointwise scanning next. The light with at present umbriferous laser handles means to basically have 3 kinds.

One kind is the scanning technology that is a delegate with Symbol, need to very careful lens is machined and be assembled, craft demand is quite high, only at present Symbol has a special liking to this technology, and the devoted interest of other firm is not high.

Processing means should use additionally two kinds of lights to resemble equipment, need those who improve laser illuminant to use means. It is to adopt technique of use array laser firstly, RGB trichromatic laser the array with each massive make it, reduce cost substantially through silicon chip processing technique, can make sure individual laser head satisfies the use below open environment, increased smooth effect output of whole. Because want to be used,resemble chip nevertheless, bulk cannot be accomplished very small, and need assures laser module and into the point of view that resembles module, cannot present the picture of large size otherwise. Additionally one kind is carry laser fiber-optic guide a diffuser, make the area of laser becomes centuple enlarge, after new and proper focusing, project go up like original, become finally like output.
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