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[Attention] the structural principle of common and optical microscope and use sa
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1. structure:

The enlarge of the specimen basically is finished by field lens, multiple of field lens enlarge is bigger, its focal distance is shorter. Focal length is smaller, the lens of field lens and Bo piece span leaves (the job is apart from) small also. The working space of oily lens is very short, when using, need to notice all the more. Ocular has enlarge effect only, cannot raise resolution, the enlarge multiple of standard ocular is decuple. Condenser can make field lens is entered after radial illuminate specimen, form the cone-shaped light column of an old point of view, it is very important to raising field lens resolution consequently. Condenser can move up and down, in order to adjust smooth light and shade, alterable diaphragm can adjust the size of incident beam of light.

Microscope uses light source, natural light and lamplight are OK, better with lamplight, because light is lubricious,control easily with intensity. General microscope can use common light, the microscope with high quality should use microscope light, ability develops its property adequately. Some need very strong illume, wait like dim view illume, photography, often use haloid lamp to serve as illuminant. Optical microscope is by optical enlarge system and machine two parts are comprised. Optical system includes ocular, field lens, concentrator, illuminant to wait commonly; Mechanical system includes arm of converter of microscope limb, field lens, dressing table, lens and base to wait commonly.

2. principle:

The enlarge efficiency of microscope (resolution) it is by accident of place consumed wave and field lens numerical value caliber is decided, shorten use light-wave wavelengh or increase numeric caliber to be able to raise resolution, the light-wave range of visible light is narrower, accident of ultraviolet light wave can raise resolution, but cannot observe directly with naked eye. Use so reducing smooth wavelengh to raise optical microscope resolution is finite, enhancing numeric line of action is the good step that raises resolution. Want to increase numeric line of action, can increase medium refractive index, when air is medium refractive index is 1, and the refractive index of cedar oil is 1.51, with the refractive index that holds a glass (1.52) close, such lights need not produce reflection and connect overload directly piece, cedar oil enters field lens, raise resolution thereby. Microscope magnifies multiple is ocular and the product with field lens diploid enlarge always, and the enlarge multiple of field lens is higher, resolution is higher.

2, the use of common microscope method

1, times lower lens observation

First will times lower the position of field lens has been secured, place the specimen next piece, rotational viewfinder, mix up light, raise field lens, move to downward see the specimen, reoccupy thin tone aims focal length to have observation. Outside dividing a few microscope, the position of condenser should be put in apogee. If the image of outside object appears in eye shot, can drop condenser a little, image can disappear. The iris aperture below condenser should move proper bulk, discharge radial amount in order to control, raise difference of light and shade.
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