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[Recommend] new-style microscope can film structure of colorful lubricious stere
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According to the United States " connect a line " magazine story, a kind of new-style microscope can show the three-dimensional picture of high definition, polychromatic colour, it can announce than the traditional microscope that uses before a more detail. This technology can distinguish the compositive structure with the stereo color inside the cell, take the picture of the three-dimensional and stereo cell of polychromatic colour, can give a cell the facial expression that different component differs on mark even. Although they a be apart 100 accept rice is far, also can part clearly. This is an unprecedented feat. This one new development makes the new perspective that molecular cell biology had your person to be interested. This studies achievement was published on June 6 to publish " science " on the magazine.

German Munich Ludwig - mark sago benefit installs an university (Ludwig Maximilians University) Ha De of its · Lao En says the Heenli of complete protein scientific research center: "What we did not see before for you and had studied is brand-new structural domain open gate. "What we did not see before for you and had studied is brand-new structural domain open gate..

Optical microscope has diffractive limitation, its definition is not worth normally about the length of visible light light-wave of the half, make an appointment with 200 accept rice. If distance of 2 objects close is less than this one word, they cannot them each other identify come out. And the electron microscope that uses shorter wavelengh can see more subtle object, but be confined to is black and white image, and can observe only already thin little sample book. Nowadays, does Lao En breath out this kind of new-style microscope of heart group research and development? D? Microscope of illume of D three-dimensional structure (3D-SIM) broke these limitation however, can pat next light to the finest example structure beautiful stereo image.

The principle of microscope of three-dimensional structure illume is the interference plan that makes through collecting these subtle sample, its image rebuilds below the help in computer, although be below the case that example appearance cannot show directly, this microscope also can collect the information that its appearance concerns. The explanation says Laoenhade, this resembles the circumstance that the place when your scanning prints a photograph one piece appears, your eye cannot differentiate give the very fine color point on this photograph, but scanner can be accomplished, but those who make you disappointed is you saw ripple and shadow are bestrewed on scanning image. However, these interference graphs contain valuable information really, "Below the help of maths and computer, we can use this to rebuild its image. We can use this to rebuild its image..

Really, lao En breaths out heart group to use it to come down to watch the cell that saw mammalian mice in the resolution of rice of about 100 accept, produced the picture of high definition, present a color of 3 kinds of different fluorescence, and DNA, nucleolus film and velar opening are added respectively have ticket.
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