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Guan Jie plans to build production value to will exceed the plant of liquid crys
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Day of a personage of know the inside story is forward " daily of the first finance and economics " divulge, plan of factory of coronal nimble Nanhai will have 10 million / year group of liquid crystal model is produced can reach 7 million / year liquid crystal TV is produced can.

Swim up and down only group of model of liquid crystal of integrated, construction and TV are overall the factory of unifinication, ability gain, reflect cost dominant position. This personage says, and, guan Jie is bought in strange last year in December beauty when the equity of 7.66% , strange beauty has stated indrawn Guan Jie offers liquid crystal face plate solely 3 years (CELL) and group of liquid crystal model.

“ Taiwan businessman is willing to gather together. This personage describes ” so strange beauty and Guan Jie early or late the phenomenon of settle Nanhai. In fact, strange beauty is bought through the 811 million HK dollar last year case, had become the 3rd large stockholder of Guan Jie.

The Nanhai strange beauty that regards Guangdong as one of projects of the biggest group of liquid crystal model, want two this years to look for TV of a liquid crystal in place all the time overall factory to it nearby form a complete set. Nevertheless, TCL, Kang Jia parts to build project of group of liquid crystal model oneself in hill of benefit city, elder brother, after plant of group of model of liquid crystal of LGD of Guangzhou of the share that achieve dimension, strange beauty is forced to get on look move personally to Guan Jie.

And coronal nimble just plans to add TV of a liquid crystal to produce base. Afore-mentioned personages say, guan Jie already was in Beijing, Ning Bo, Wuhan to set video shop, there is TV plant in Suzhou, there is the plant of TV and monitor in Fujian. And the Guan Jie that permeates actively to flat TV in recent years, the hope gives project of group of model of TV of its liquid crystal to look for a stay to nod again additionally, add those who increase TV of dimension liquid crystal to produce at the same time can. Nanhai is a good choice, have strange beautiful form a complete set not only, and the liquid crystal TV that era is versed in exports convenient Guan Jie.

“ can sell CELL pretty good also. A of ” Nanhai strange beauty tall canal once expressed so. China imports liquid crystal face plate to impose 0 custom duty, but group of model of entrance liquid crystal imposes the custom duty of 3% . And, since this year, supply exceeds demand of liquid crystal face plate, with Guan Jie “ ” of knot two pairs is helpful for bilateral development undoubtedly.

Guangdong flat shows the industry promotes a personage of the meeting to think, guan Jie once settle Guangdong, will make the industrial assemble advantage of TV of Guangdong liquid crystal promotes further.

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