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Hill of 886 million yuan of elder brother is in Kang Jia build plant of group of
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Get close to resource of upriver face plate

We basically consider “ to swim up and down industrial form a complete set. The Dongbi Xiao Qing of ” Kang Jia says, maturity of industrial form a complete set is the main reason that project of group of health beautiful model chooses elder brother hill finally. And, base of production of flat of Anhui of Kangjia of distance of elder brother hill is very close also.

As we have learned, elder brother Shan Longteng already had product line of face plate of a 5 acting liquid crystal, planning mount a horse 7 take the place of or product line of face plate of 7.5 acting liquid crystal. And on wide report project of product line of face plate of 6 acting liquid crystal also has starred building. Xiao Qing says, these did group of liquid crystal model to offer the advantage of upriver resource for Kang Jia.

And, elder brother hill has a lot of stations endowment enterprise, they produce LCD (liquid crystal) the component side fluctuation You Jizhou, this makes first it is relatively easy that the Kang Jia operation of group of model of sortie liquid crystal rises. Xiao Qing says, if be in the place with industrial so not perfect form a complete set to make modular group, a lot of things want him to do, cost is high, technical personnel searchs hard also.

Next year the four seasons spends put into production

Xiao Qing discloses, at present land had planned, new company is being registered, local government also is undertaking to this project environmental protection is evaluated, once these are finished, modular group project of Kang Jia can star building immediately, the four seasons of predicting next year spends put into production. first phase meets “ go up first product line of group of model of 4 liquid crystal, if the market is good, the 2nd period product line of group of model of additionally 4 liquid crystal can begin construction. ” Xiao Qing says, the meeting is very compact between project of period of just a little.

As we have learned, the meeting in 8 product line has 4 is liquid crystal model group and overall unifinication product line, with every single class 300 thousand / year calculate, base of hill of prospective Kangjia elder brother, the liquid crystal TV that one year dual class can form 2.4 million is overall produce can. Swim up and down form a complete set is complete, plus overall unifinication production, will OK save content to spread cost considerably.

Before this, kang Jia already had TV of two large slab to produce base in Anhui Chu city and Guangdong Dongguan. Xiao Qing says, the yield of these two base can be about the same, have nearly 1 million respectively produce per year can, former and main make sale in domestic market, latter basically is done manufacture. Kun Shankang fine is additional product line of group of model of 4 liquid crystal, the modular group demand of city of OK and will contented Chu and Dongguan base.
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