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Zhejiang crystal photoelectricity issues 16.7 million publicly
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Inc. of science and technology of Zhejiang crystal photoelectricity (abbreviation ZQCOT) it is current country is only a dimensions makes optics yuan the professional manufacturer of parts of an apparatus. Optics of company main production is low connect filter (OLPF) , filter of camera mobile phone and other photoelectron yuan parts of an apparatus, among them OLPF is the core component that camera of digital camera, number and number photograph system of camera lens resembling a head.

At present the company already became Kodak, Suo Ni, beautiful can, the main supply dealer that the international such as SamSung tells a digital company. 2004, OLPF project includes ministry of national science and technology 863 plans guide hair of project, country to change appoint industry technology progress and industry upgrade project of fund of development of electron of MII of special project, country. The company already administered environment of system, ISO14001 to administer health of profession of system, OHSAS18001 through ISO9001 quality now the attestation of safe processing system, the company is making the trade of supply of form a complete set with global number famous industry forward, the report with make the whole world important yuan parts of an apparatus produces base, the way that makes plant of home's famed professional plated film is dovish and apace develops.