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LG general and division acute (Cree) closes in Nanjing build LED to enclose a fa
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Move the data of orgnaization Insight Media according to city, LED is in a poor light in in the cold cathode tube that the application of small size face plate has replaced a tradition in the round almost (CCFL) , and LED is in a poor light module is measured in the shipment of large size face plate, beforehand appraise will achieve 150 million 2012. The market beforehand appraise LED notebook computer was in a poor light module market permeability will amount to 10 % ~ 2008 15 % , organic 2009 meeting is jumped litre to 30 % ~ 40 % . The new product that as a result of follow-up whole world big plant of brand of each notebook computer rolls out uses LED to be back illuminant almost, after expecting 2 ~ 3 years, face plate of LED notebook computer will be replaced in the round already some CCFL are in a poor light face plate.

Cree is the lead firm of LED market, cree bought company of lighting of a China 2007, enlarge scope of business. But along with write other company to obtain in China new structure installs illuminative agreement, cree faces the challenge that develops new business.

Why doesn't LG Display cooperate with LG Innotek of LED concern company, cause market doubt. Message personage points out, with native corporation collaboration cannot produce put together effect. He discloses: “ we ever discussed this plan with LG Innotek, but because investment is mixed,gain profit pressure and cry stop. And the modular team with current LG Innotek is supplied and do not stabilize. ” LED as LCD be in a poor light modular team can raise batteries to use time not merely, also conduce to production more frivolous monitor and the new originality that urge products plan.

The market studies company Insight Media is forecasted, medium or small the tube of traditional cold cathode of electronic device (CCFL) falls into disuse gradually, large size LED is in a poor light modular group shipment will achieve 150 million 2012.

The Chinese manufacturer that LG Display also notifies with end talks things over to establish LED to be in a poor light additionally the plan of modular group plant. Message personage expresses, LG Display is establishing each to hold the possibility of a 50% equity in explore ask. He says, LCD hopes to simplify notebook computer and TV mode product line in order to produce put together effect.

Get the encouragement of MacBook Air of computer of Apple ultrathin notebook, manufacturer of Taiwan face plate, if friend is amounted to,raise LED to be in a poor light in succession with strange beautiful report modular group shipment, expect shipment can amount to the 2 million target with 1.5 million this year.

Industrial public figure points out, ultrathin notebook computer accelerated this kind to be able to carry type device to change the rate that the LED of taller efficiency is in a poor light by CCFL.

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