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Whole world of LDK of Jiangxi contest dimension takes the lead in entering solar
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Settle is saved at Jiangxi new the limited company of high-tech of solar energy of the LDK that surpass dimension of more than city holds water at be being registered formally in July 2005. On June 1, 2007, the company hands in a success to appear on the market in American button, become IPO with the biggest field of Chinese new energy resources.

This year in August, company polycrystalline silicon piece produce actually can amount to 1000 million tile, in 3 years short take the lead in entering international “ G inside time ” of made of baked clay club. According to the program, surpass dimension LDK polycrystalline silicon to 2010 piece produce can will achieve 3200 million tile. Sa Nuo agitato says company senior vice president: “ contest dimension created the miracle that industry of smooth hot season grows world solar energy! ”

Smooth hot season generates electricity to also weigh solar energy to generate electricity, use cell namely direct electric energy of translate into of sun light energy. Solar energy is the safest, one of the cleanest the sources of energy, develop solar energy smooth hot season to generate electricity to already became the mankind to settle the important way of prospective energy problem energetically.

In recent years, industry of Chinese smooth hot season from do not have have, development impetus is swift and violent, the state of ” of “ blossom everywhere presents in countrywide various places. 2007, china already made the world batteries of the 3rd old smooth dog days produces a country, 1/4 what crop is close to world total output.

Up to at the beginning of 2008, total of industry of Chinese smooth hot season has 10 companies implementation is abroad appear on the market, IPO financing amount exceeds 2 billion dollar. Predict 2010, chinese smooth hot season is produced can will achieve 4. 6 GW, occupy the whole world to produce about can 1/3.

China but second birth the sources of energy learns controller of institute of solar energy of university of traffic of standing director, Shanghai Professor Cui Rong strong says, long-term since, because domestic company did not master silicon of kiloton class above to expect,core technology of production, solar energy applies the market to had be notted start truly, industry of bend over of Chinese solar energy light appears “ both ends for a long time the pattern of outer ” , namely the raw material of 95 % relies on an entrance, the product of 95 % is used at exit.

President of company of the LDK that surpass dimension holds presiding apparitor Peng Xiaofeng concurrently to say, in August 2007, contest dimension already invested start working of 12 billion yuan of RMBs to build 1 . Polycrystalline silicon of 50 thousand tons of solar energy expects project, this is course of study of person of the same trade of eye preexistence bound single item investment is the largest, produce can design the project with the biggest dimensions, project building was cast first half of the year 2009 postpartum, change China makings of tall purity silicon basically depends on the current situation that imports at high price.
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