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System of the lighting outside cabin of LED of place of Shanghai ability content
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All over snow-white, ” of bulb of 24 LED small “ provides attitude ground to arrange the base in size of paper of half pieces of A4 to go up each, grow the big octopus leg of full acetabulum like a paragraph a bit.

Although the ejaculation of theater of be not a patch on of ostentation and extravagance the lamp, but the bub with this not breathtaking appearance is opened, shine so that let a person however not dare the key point is opposite: It can be in level 160 degrees, perpendicular in 80 degrees of stereo spaces, although the object is apart from illuminant 3 meters many, also can make the object is filmed successfully come down by CCD camera clarity. The energy that it wastes is small however breathtaking, have 27 made of baked clay ——— only the incandescent lamp of a 25 tile enlightens can dimly only a small toilet.

Zhang Tao of place of content of ability of Shanghai of project controller, Chinese Academy of Sciences's researcher says, light of bittern of gas discharge gold is used in aerospace illume on past international, power comsumption big, high pressure, quantity of heat is high, be not ideal aerospace lighting light source. LED illume development is very rapid in recent years, not only smooth effect is tall, and on the safe side, replace golden bittern tube probably, become light source of lighting of new generation aerospace. Use “ expression this on 7 ” , it is historic attempt.

Outside the environment of aerospace is very harsh: The temperature when facing the sun heats up about a hundred ℃ , when carrying the sun on the back cold arrive - 50 much ℃ , bear even the bombard with all sorts of high-energy uninterrupted particle in the universe, and a variety of extremely harsh mechanical environments of airship emissive phase. Rise to make this lighting system bright in aerospace, scientist exert skill in various types of combat: Outside it the “ appearance ” of this white is one kind special lukewarm accuse white lacquer, not only can “ eats ” to drop high-energy particle and resist the illuminate of sun's rays, still have super- come loose by force heat energy force. Want to know, high temperature can have deadly menace to the brightness of LED, and radiation comes loose heat is the most effective in the vacuum environment of aerospace medicinal powder one of hot means. To make the light downy and even the ground enlightens the area that astronaut gives cabin activity, the scientist poors with “ the means of ” of Nie Er lens, arrange ” of bulb of 24 small “ into waviness, the angle of ” of every “ bulb passes mathematical calculation, still undertook light is handled preventing dazzle at the same time, lest astronaut sees light suddenly in dark universe, generation is dizzy.

Stable and reliable, it is the first class important matter of spaceflight parts of an apparatus. Researcher of assistant of god of stone of Liu of main development staff tells a reporter, the each other of ” of 24 “ bulb on this lighting system is redundant backup, although among them an invalidation, energy also can allocate ” of other “ bulb to go up, make ” of other “ bulb brighter, in order to make up for scotoma. The basis is calculated strictly and check, this covers the mean time between failure of lighting system 1 million hours more than 1. It is reported, future carries the surveillant illume of airship, also use the possibility system of lighting of this kind of LED, at the appointed time brightness and illume distance still will rise considerably.
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