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Beijing east is added endowment 300 million use at Chengdu production of 4.5 act
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It is reported, regard home as the first batch of manufacturers that are dedicated to TFT-LCD business, beijing east is the whole world ranks the manufacturer of liquid crystal face plate of the 9th. Liquid crystal face plate is the crucial device that uses at home appliance and computer to show equipment, attribute trade of capital, technology intensive likewise with chip production, great industrialization project is regarded as to try to advance in Chengdu. Beijing east built LCD of the 4.5th acting filmy transistor in start working of Chengdu high new developed area this year in March (TFT-LCD) project, plan to always invest 3.11 billion yuan at the outset, produce can plan to be produce per month substrate of 30 thousand glass. At present workshop capital construction enters end. According to the plan, next year will undertake equipment is installed in March, began to try put into production in July. However, announcement of resolution of Beijing east board of directors discloses, because be affected by the earthquake, relevant building materials rises in price, charge of labour cost, content shedding rise, the project cost budget that makes before according to, complete the construction of this project smoothly hard; Because the to purchasing equipment value before this is inferior, also ask to satisfy the market at the same time, enhance company competition ability, need increases the investment that purchases to equipment.

Accordingly, what in the Chengdu project that announces this total investment increases is second reading in, beijing east will increase investment three hundred and three million nine hundred and fifty thousand yuan of RMBs, total investment achieves three billion four hundred and thirteen million nine hundred and fifty thousand yuan,

In the investment program after revise, cent of source of Beijing east financing is two parts, the enterprise fundses raised by oneself 1.83 billion yuan, home borrows money one billion five hundred and eighty-three million nine hundred and fifty thousand yuan.

It is reported, beijing east already developed a bank to wait with the country come to an agreement, will obtain 1.8 billion yuan of loan, use at construction of 4.5 acting lines for the most part among them. And in funds raised by oneself respect, be in early Beijing is Oriental on July 22 with respect to announcement plan of financing of a huge sum, to limited company of group of Chengdu industry investment, Chengdu limited company of group of new and high investment and Beijing economy technology invest development head office 3 enterprises blame is open and directional add send 411334552, release the price 5.47 yuan / , collect capital 2.249 billion yuan. Among them, chengdu labour casts subscribe 201096892, contributive nearly 1.1 billion; Chengdu is new and high subscribe 127970749, contributive nearly 700 million; Beijing classics casts subscribe 82266911, contributive nearly 450 million. In mode of this one collaboration, of local government contributive the share that buys Beijing east with state-owned investment firm will reflect, change to show and be obtained by prospective stock exit a way. 3 afore-mentioned companies become the carrier that local government invests.
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