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The Beijing east the 6th generation in Hefei product line of liquid crystal face
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Project company is initiative register capital to be 50 million yuan, among them Hefei respect with cash 40.5 million yuan contributive, occupy 81 % ; Beijing is Oriental with cash 9.5 million yuan contributive, occupy 19 % . Raise money in Hefei respect or the investment platform that its appoint after capital gold reachs the designated position entirely, project company registers capital to be added alone by Beijing east first endowment reach 6 billion yuan, project capital gold is added finally reach 9 billion yuan.

Hefei respect acceptance will be in price of condition of plot form a complete set, land, the sources of energy is supplied, the respect such as pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of finance policy, loan offers policy sex to support for this project. Among them, hefei respect produces year to rise to be offerred for loan of project company bank from project company capacity for 3 years, annual 150 million yuan loan pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange.

Beijing east says, cast in Hefei build product line of face plate of the 6th acting liquid crystal, be helpful for perfecting the industrial position of this company. Nevertheless, the product of 6 acting lines reachs the following liquid crystal face plate and modular group for 37 inches, this product can be affected fluctuantly by cycle of liquid crystal industry.
Developing zone of economy of Anhui Chu state is in charge of appoint when director Xing Gao was accepting reporter phone to interview yesterday, can think, hefei issues great strength start because the color television business of Anhui is much,line of 6 acting liquid crystal is, there is flat TV to produce base in Chu city besides Kang Jia outside, sea Er and long rainbow also set flat TV base in Hefei, anhui once mount a horse 6 acting lines will be OK attract assemble of enterprise of more color television, the target that this and Anhui make home appliance be saved greatly is consistent.

Dispatch of sina science and technology on September 16 message, in the capital that Beijing east will open 17.5 billion yuan of RMBs that the line of face plate of liquid crystal of the 6th acting TFT-LCD that build needs at Anhui Hefei, hefei municipal government is thrown 6 billion, strategic investor is thrown 3 billion, if fail to come true, hefei municipal government is in charge of fulfilling, the loan below the 8.5 billion in Hefei government support that remain is solved. The problem of capital of a huge sum that this means Beijing east to build 6 acting lines holds a bottom in the palm to solve by local government.

Beijing east is cast build first 6 acting lines of domestic

The Beijing east that Shenzhen stock exchange appears on the market released announcement to say on September 13, on September 12, city of state-owned property management limited company, Hefei builds wall of Beijing east and government office of civil administration of Hefei city person, Hefei Xin investment accuses (group) limited company was signed in Hefei " LCD of Hefei film transistor (item of 6 acting lines invests TFT-LCD) framework agreement " (abbreviation agreement.
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