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Spaceflight Electromechanical matchs a financing 1.8 billion make chain of indus
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Catenary of industry of smooth hot season of perpendicular unifinication new energy resources

According to the analysis of orgnaization of authority of world energy resources, according to at present already the fossil energy reserves of ascertain and exploitation speed will calculate, global oil the rest can extract fixed number of year is only 41 years, natural gas the rest can adopt fixed number of year 61.9 years, coal the rest can adopt fixed number of year 230 years.

Before the number that makes a person anxious in this string, we saw another string of number that makes a person glad.

Count of mart of world smooth hot season installed a quantity to be 2826MWp 2007, grew 62 % than 2006, among them the market of smooth hot season of the developed country holds world market share near 90% . According to association of industry of European smooth hot season forecast, to 2020 smooth hot season of world new energy resources generates electricity total installed capacity will amount to 195GW-200GW, market prospect is capacious. In September 2007, our country government is in " but second birth the sources of energy plans for a long time " in put forward, to 2010, domestic solar energy generates electricity total capacity will achieve 300MW, achieve 1800MW to 2020. Calculate from this, be in in the near future inside, the compound increase rate of installed capacity of our country solar energy will be as high as 20% to control.

Develop the platform of industry of smooth hot season of new energy resources as group of spaceflight science and technology, spaceflight Electromechanical entered industry of smooth hot season of new energy resources 2000, but be confined to batteries piece the production that reachs package and sale, those who be in whole industry chain is downstream, the rise in price influence of product of upper reaches of be enslaved to be enslaved to, level of wool interest rate is inferior. This second collect capital invests a project but with this company new energy resources is at present smooth volt industry implementation joins smoothly, form the industrial chain of complete perpendicular unifinication stage by stage; Especially the production of upriver polycrystalline silicon, will conduce to the bottleneck problem that solves this company to have industry of smooth hot season of new energy resources to develop, in risk of effective avoid market while, reduce overall operating costs. Once this second collect capital invests a project formal put into production, spaceflight Electromechanical will be finished in silicon makings, batteries piece, package, system is compositive the layout that waits for important segment. In the meantime, this company still will pass proper cooperative way to make two link have position in the light of silicon ingot, silicon chip, form whole industry chain finally.

One billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight projects start industry of smooth hot season sadly
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