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Wide report invests the item of 6 acting lines of seventeen billion four hundred
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Reports of afore-mentioned environmental protection department say, project of product line of this one 6 acting face plate always invests seventeen billion four hundred and fifty-five million yuan, the investment that involves environmental protection aspect only among them achieves 475 million yuan. Report the explanation says, this project will generate COD(chemical oxygen demand) 438.93 tons / year, and its gross index will be assessed in index of gross of sewage treatment plant of Cong Bailong harbor.

At the beginning of June, the technology that project of environment of ministry of national environmental protection assesses a center to ever organized an expert technically to open the environment of project of a hereon to affect transaction in Shanghai is evaluated meeting. Conclusion and appraise sth through discussion express, “ accords with annulus to criticize guideline requirement, choice of factor of evaluation grade set, evaluation is right, environmental standard is chosen appropriate, environmental quality current situation is clear, engineering analysis can reflect the feature of the project, assessment technique is appropriate, measure of contaminative prevention and cure is basic and feasible, evaluation conclusion is authentic ” .

This one project goes settle Shanghai Min industrial district of area Shen village (city class) Sha Gangdong side, Zhuan begins southwest, north Lu Yina, horizontal Sha He in. This land landform is even, east on adjacent plant area of the 5th acting line mixes wide report NEC limited company of data of photoelectricity of Fuji of Shanghai wide report, limited company of sour gas of day of great this world of northwest and Shanghai and electric saltpetre child glass (Shanghai) wide report limited company is conterminous.

This also is base of Shanghai flat indication property most core project. This one base was believed to produce a ministry to name formerly on June 4, 2007 for “ country (Shanghai) after flat shows ” of garden of industry of parts of an apparatus, urgently the project is fulfilled. Last night, on an in-house personage accepts wide cable group " daily of the first finance and economics " when interviewing, did not divulge this project is specific start date, emphasize only inside year hopeful, and divide at present outside continueing to raise fund, the company also is cooperating with technology of foreign enterprise negotiation. Information of the market before this says, japanese NEC or summerly general may be entered bureau.
Once media said April: Wide report NEC is expected to be in on the 3rd season started 6 acting face plate to produce route organizational system to plan 2008. On general manager of limited company of LCD of wide report NEC considers Wei civilian to express, at present second for generations produces a line to undertaking plan is evaluated plan with the relevant preparation such as capital collect, if is not had by accident, the fastest plant area of 6 acting lines is expected to be in in September pile, and produce can leave 2010 piece; Outside eliminating 6 acting lines, among the preparation that wide report NEC also has 7.5 acting lines at the same time on and program.
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