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Chongqing university new generation is fiber-optic pass feeling technology and a
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Current, this technology already was in the success on 5 bridge applies Chongqing, bear removes the ” of “ important task that health of safe to bridge real time monitors.
Fiber-optic sensor but in the layer that embedded is as high as 250 ℃ above, monitor the seismic wave inside hundreds kilometer limits and geology board piece athletic condition, give out signal early-warning in time, the level that raises an earthquake to monitor. City committee of science and technology comes out yesterday message, chongqing developed a smooth fiber sensor that has domestic advanced level recently, it can finish what wait for multi-parameter to temperature, meet an emergency, refractive index to measure at the same time.

According to introducing, fiber-optic sensor is had fight the characteristic such as electromagnetism interference and nuclear radiation, can fall in extremely harsh geological environment, implementation is measured accurately what wait for parameter to temperature, vibration. “ this kind of technology is monitored in the safety such as building, bridge besides wide application on, the most important, it or current and best earthquake monitor a method! ” says about expert analysis, because fiber-optic sensor has the property such as Sunday run telemetering, at the same time it still can is as high as by embedded temperature in the layer of 250 ℃ above, measure the seismic wave inside hundreds kilometer limits, geology board piece in-house stress and its displacement, tilt wait for dynamic change circumstance. Build the fiber-optic sensor network that can monitor an earthquake around seismic belt so, can in time the ground subterranean that monitor is unusual circumstance, give out early-warning to the earthquake of likelihood happening, avoid personal casualty and belongings loss with the best will in the world.