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Full prize of LED of video of high end of Li Yade company shows the system aids
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My association LED shows to company of Li Yade of unit of applied chapter director is 12 years come the compositive business that application of dedicated all the time LED produces, it is research and development of project of national semiconductor illume and industrial allied unit. Complete Olympic Games project in all nearly 140 million yuan.

The Olympic Games project that Li Yade participates in is as follows:

Schedule of project of Li Yade Olympic Games

Serial number

Project name

Use a site

The autograph restricts amount (10 thousand yuan)


Screen of video of LED of ground of opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, painted scroll, dream 5 annulus

National stadium (bird's nest)



Information of area of Olympic Games center releases a system 26 indication screen

Area of Olympic Games center



Place of Olympic Games sports (4)

Island of emperor of Beijing, the Qin Dynasty



Big screen of LED of Olympic Games square (6)

Central area sinks square of square, culture of each area county



Traffic information system (6)

The subway, airport, railway station

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