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The material in Jiangxi produces per year ingot casting of 200 thousand polycrys
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Foundation stone laying ceremony

Tan Zhongming of president of Inc. of the material in general manager of group of the timber in China, China

In material is new and high Yu Mingqing of material Inc. president
It is reported, in material is new and high have complete solar energy crucible own intellectual property, its technology originates the national “863” that the company assumes tackles key problem achievement, have international banner technology level. On May 10, 2007, inc. of new and high material is in material in Xin Yulong held limited company of new material of solar energy of the timber in Jiangxi to uncover card and foundation stone laying ceremony again, the material in Jiangxi produces per year ingot casting of 200 thousand polycrystalline silicon to use quartz the construction of all previous of first phase project of project of crucible of pottery and porcelain via a year and trial production, the product saves hall of science and technology and trade of Jiangxi province classics at passing Jiangxi in March 2008 appoint the new product appraisal of syndicate, expert group thinks: The technology that this project uses is international initiate. The product is used via many domestic and international company, the production of ingot casting of completely contented polycrystalline silicon and fusion extract asks, classics state law detects surely the orgnaization detects, main function index is achieved or excel abroad congener product, provide international advanced level.
Vice-president of Inc. of the material in China, medium president of Inc. of new and high material Mr Yu Mingqing is in material speech middle finger goes out, below the situation that in global climate natural resources of aggravation of environment of zoology of calefacient, mankind, groovy energy is in short supply and creates an environment to pollute, technology of Guang Fufa cable gets solar energy generally of each country government take seriously and support. In the drive and perfects stage by stage code that the technology progresses the puissant drive of policy falls, industry of smooth hot season takes the place of from 1990 rapid development period was entered since second half period. Recently 5 years, crop of world solar cell year average increase rate achieved 49.5 % , total output of global solar cell achieved 4000.05MWp 2007. Of market of alive bound smooth hot season puissant pull move below, from 2002 later, chinese solar cell entered rapid development phase, rise abruptly quickly in order to exceed constant rate. Crop of Chinese solar cell achieved 1088MWp 2007, exceed Japan (920MWp) with Europe (1062.8MWp) , become world the biggest solar cell to produce a country. 2002 - 2007 5 years, china develops with high speed of year of average increase rate of 191.3 % , health, showed the tendency that solar cell grows quickly continuously. The special material related to industry of smooth hot season and equipment demand are exuberant in short supply. In material is new and high it is China the design of market research and development with advanced ceramics material and artificial crystal the largest trade, product is made, whole set technology and equipment and relevant project are compositive reach business of imports and exports the country at an organic whole is new and high the project technology research center of technical company and material of national industry pottery and porcelain, leading China the development way of technology of advanced ceramics material and industry, in material is new and high the industry that already regarded the most preferential development as new material of solar energy key, the development of limited company of new material of solar energy of the timber in supporting Jiangxi with all one's strength, the material in Jiangxi construction makes one of suppliers with main crucible of the solar energy on the world. The put into production of this project first phase project and 2 period the start working construction of the project, broke entrance product to be opposite not only the forestall of our country market, and can the requirement that utmost ground satisfies domestic international market to develop, produce cost to reducing solar energy polycrystalline silicon further, promote industry of solar energy smooth hot season to develop quickly greatly, make industry of Chinese smooth hot season special material technology and body of ascend of equipment line of business have great sense at world advanced cavalcade.
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