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Hua Xiangao division first plasma screen gets offline group of supply panda elec
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In flat TV (liquid crystal and plasma TV) in upriver industry domain, the most important screen holds flat TV the manufacturing cost of 70% above. But, come to enterprise of Chinese color television do not have the capacity that produces screen for years, so that can be in only downstream and overall the domain earns scanty assembly to expend, this kind of state has become the serious bottleneck that industry of Chinese flat TV grows.

Lin Qing of standing vise general manager introduces Hua Xiangao family field, the “ that screen takes plasma of Hua Xiangao division technology of plasma of ” of shade cover type, it is the program of owns own intellectual property primitive innovation technology that southeast university offers. King of chief scientist of assistant of southeast university president, Hua Xiangao division protects smooth professor to express, up to now, hua Xiangao division has filed of all kinds patent 173, involve the aspect such as structure, material, craft, drive, equipment, formed system of own intellectual property.

Current, the plasma screen that first getting offline has provided Hua Xiangao family overall group of electron of panda of —— of color television enterprise is used, achieve dimension to wait other and overall color television enterprise also has negotiated with Hua Xiangao division, express to buy the intention of plasma screen.

Yang Dongwen of president of cadre of career of the color television that achieve dimension also to " daily of the first finance and economics " express, achieve dimension to had seen the plasma screen product line of Hua Xiangao division, screen has homebred to its plasma really buy interest.

Hua Xiangao division held water on April 26, 2006, by Nanjing economy of new and high technology develops electron of panda of university of head office, southeast, Nanjing Inc. of science and technology of Inc. and Nanjing electron halftone is contributive establish. Screen project obtains plasma of Hua Xiangao division early or late hair of ministry of national science and technology, country changes appoint wait for a government sector energetically capital support.

Buy China shows Gao Ke inside during the television of panda brand plasma of plasma screen will be met at Beijing Olympic Games, in home appliance chain sells a small lot in undertaking the sale.

Lin Qing expresses field, at present Hua Xiangao division has thrown 200 million yuan to the research and development of plasma screen, production, formed 10 thousand ~ 20 thousand produce per year can. Next, hua Xiangao division is strengthening research and development, firm craft, raise fine to taste rate while, meeting reinvest is counted yuan, build manhood to produce the product line of two plasma screen that can amount to 500 thousand.

2006 the end of the year, the Korea that long rainbow owns multinomial international patent through buying the 3rd big plasma screen enterprise ——Orion, the technology of plasma screen of ” of type of “ surface discharge that had day Han enterprise to be used generally thereby, long rainbow head period investment 675 million dollar, produced per year the plasma screen product line that can be 2.16 million to use this one technology.
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