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Area of garden of industry of new and high technology of company of group of boa
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Company of group of boast China glass is founded 1922, it is the plant that China and even far east area use a machine the first times to make glass continuously, be known as the cradle ” of industry of “ China glass. Through development of 86 years, the company construction that boast China already produced plate glass from sheet becomes oversize omnibus glass group, it is home exclusive the omnibus industry group of research and development of construction of design of a collect, construction, product, production and treatment unifinication. Plan to ask according to municipal government, boast China wants to boast those who be in urban center area China country casts 3 plant area such as company of company, joint-stock company, northward group to carry out retreat a city to remove into outskirt whole, and industrial district of optional location north builds division of garden of industry of new and high technology.

According to the program, area of new and high garden will build boast China product line of float law glass 6, boracic silicon board vitreous product line 2, TFT-LCD uses product line of vitreous substrate product line and solar battery of film of the silicon that be not brilliant each 1, total output of glass of law of Hua Fu of the boast after building entirely (contain other cities) will reach case of 51.35 million weight, LOW-E glass 12 million square metre, substrate of TCO solar energy box of 750 thousand weight, boracic silicon board glass 18 thousand tons, TFT-LCD uses vitreous substrate 24MW of solar battery of the 1 million square metre, silicon that be not brilliant, automobile glass is covered 500 thousand times, achieve year of sales revenue 6 billion yuan of above. Construction of new garden area will use domestic and international advanced technique extensively, walk along “ tall, new, special the road of ” , do his utmost to make home the biggest or main building is energy-saving glass base, new-style base of glass of the sources of energy and excel in prevent base of glass of hot fire prevention. In the meantime, devote oneself to Jiang Yaohua construction to become our country's biggest color plated film to build vitreous mainstay business, the new-style plate glass that becomes our country shows the main supplier of technical front material, and the bibcock company that our country war industry and civil and optical domain use special type glass. New garden area makes use natural gas fuel, use oxygen boosting combustion, more than heat to generate electricity, in the technology such as water treatment, build new product line energy-saving model, environmental protection product line of contemporary and new-style glass, still make its tourist attraction of industrial characteristic travel at the same time.