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China for the company successful development goes 100G wave to divide prototype
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The rapid growth of broadband business raised taller requirement to deferent network capacity, 40G/100G wave divides deferent technology emerge as the times require. At present industry 40G wave divides a technology to had entered wholesale business to use level, and technology of 100G wave cent still is in delibrate phase.

100G wave conveys prismatically the technology is next generation high speed the core technology of deferent domain, realized Chan Bo to grow the deferent rate of bit of every second 100G, will current deferent bandwidth raises the main trend 10 times, for deploy of operation business future HDTV, much rebroadcast is put etc exceed broadband business to lay a foundation. China for 100G wave cent prototype uses advanced modulation code, suit Sunday run to transmit. Applicable of technology of 100G wave cent is in China go up for long-distance wave cent and WDM/OTN platform, support 10G/40G the flowing gradual progress to 100G.

China express for Cai Changtian of president of deferent net product line: “100G wave distributes development success of the technology, it is demand of Hua Weiju's anxious client, the actual strength of ceaseless innovation is reflected. China to will convey to Sunday run high speed continuously the technology has thorough research, drive 100G wave to divide development process of the technology, solve the bandwidth pressure that operation business faces hard. ”
Cent answer is used (cent answer uses WDM) and frequency (FDM) technology can use the character of broad frequency band that charges apart glow minute, implementation exceeds high capacity information to transmit.